Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Beginning

Our start was not like most other starts... There were no sparks, no fireworks and no googling into each other's eyes... The truth is I DESPISED Adam. We met one fine day in September at my apartment. Adam and my roommate Danielle Soderquist were friends and if you ask him, he was "doing service" by bringing over an old couch of his to make an addition to our apartment. This was our first encounter and one that left lasting impressions let me tell you. I came home from school at Boise State to find this overly confident boy with his hat on backwards and my two teeny roommates struggling to fit this GINORMOUS couch into our small, humble apartment. I parked my trusty old Bronco II and proceeded to carry my books and things in. Well, for those of you who don't know, let me inform you how the layout of my apartment works. We were located on the 2nd floor and as you enter the apartment there are 3 perpendicular hallways before you enter any sort of a room able to hold such a fine piece of furniture. As I approach the struggling group I make a comment about how there is no way that couch is going to make it up the spiral staircase or let alone past those hallways. Adam (and mind you I didn't even know his name yet) looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Well aren't you just a little pessimist." Um, excuuuuse me! STRIKE ONE. So I jump in and help in this pathetic endeavor and we get the couch up the stairs and past the first hallway. Adam and our neighbor at the time were doing everything (including breaking 2 door jams and leaving their greasy paw prints on everything. STRIKE TWO.) from taking doors off the hinges, to rotating the couch, to trying every angle possible to get it in there. Then STRIKE THREE came when they took the doors off our laundry room and my bras were hanging out to dry. As a boy Adam had a few comments up his sleeve. Well, needless to say I was the one with a smirk on my face because the couch did indeed NOT fit into the apartment and they had to spend another 30 minutes or so taking the couch back down and load it again into his truck to take home :] So Adam left without even a sliver of a chance of getting to know me. I thought he was cocky, arrogant and needed a few lessons on how to treat a lady. Little did I know he had other motives... and I unknowingly entered what was about to be the rest of forever with my best friend.

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