This is the sweetest little boy on the face of the entire planet Earth. I love him dearly. He is growing faster than I know how to cope with. The absolute BEST part about my day is starting my morning with his big smile. I love that he is so happy to see me.

He LOVES... his mama {of course}. his dad. bath time. showers. Spanish. his swing. car rides. snuggling up nice and warm. chaos. watching Jack and Lula. bottles and feeding time. his play mat. noise. Dr Seuss books. conversation. watching sports on tv with dad. being outside. swimming. fruit. orange juice. gold fish.

He is SUPER ticklish. Especially on his feet and thighs.

He is NOT A FAN of... getting out of the bath. the cold. aspirators {can you blame him?}. getting shots. the sound of pouring frosted flakes. 

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