Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 months

5.9.12 Tummy time is finally becoming more enjoyable! It has been a process but we are working on it. Call me crazy but you do much better if Lula is around for some reason. You just love that silly dog.

5.10.12 You have the same silly habit as your Dad. You both rub your feet together when you are tired. I finally realized it today for what it was and your Dad was so proud. He just beamed with pride. You two are going to be so much a like.

5.11.12 You love to snuggle and be snuggled {well, at least with my anyways}. And when you are tired two things happen. You rub your eyes and head like crazy! Which only keeps you more awake and even more so when you knock your pacifier out AND you scratch your eczema only making it flare much worse. Thus, we swaddle you up at night. You want so badly to just stretch out some nights and if only you could actually get yourself asleep before the rubbing commences. I love it when you sleep with out being swaddled. You look sooooo relaxed and comfy with your arms straight above your head in that little field goal position of yours.

5.12.12 Fair warning possible TMI. We had quite the productive Saturday with all our errands and shopping. I love running those errands with you boys. I just love the fact that we do things as a family. Yes, even if that means errands. I love it. You made Dad and I laugh out loud in Ross. Oh my goodness. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to believe that you are only 6 months old. We were just wandering around the store and you were happy as can be. The out of nowhere comes this gigantic man toot. I was so embarrassed it was long and juicy. Dad and i just stopped and looked around to see who else heard it. The look on you face was just priceless. You were SOOOO ridiculously proud of yourself. Dad and I couldn’t stop laughing. You are such a boy. But on a sweeter note, we took another one of our family siestas this afternoon. I love them. It’s literally a family affair. Even the pups join in on our little snuggle fest. Perfect.

5.13.12 My first official Mother’s Day. Too bad my baby was sick. Last night you started coughing and had a fever. And when we woke up this morning it was no different. You and I stayed home from church and your fever reached it’s peak at 102.1. You have diarrhea, loss of appetite, sneezing, coughing, the works. I feel so bad seeing you sick. I wish I could make it go away. All you wanted to do was be held and that cough sounds so terrible. I think we are going to go see Dr Miller tomorrow and get it checked out, I’m thinking it might be an ear infection. I have a feeling tonight could be a long one.

5.14.12 It had been a long time since we have had a night like that. Neither one of us slept very well or for very long. I was trying everything to make you comfortable and it seemed like nothing was working. And my suspicions were correct. You have an ear infection. Not a fun ‘first’ milestone for the charts. As much as I love Dr Miller I felt so bad when you had to get your ears and tonsils checked. You were NOT very enthusiastic about it and to be honest, I don’t blame you. But Dr Miller was impressed by how strong your jaws were on a positive note. So we just hung out and did a whole lot of snuggling. I just hope you feel better soon.

5.15.12 I didn’t go into work again today. And last night was better but not great. Nighttime is definitely the hardest. You slept in our bed and Dad was so nice to give us extra room and offered to take the couch. And you and I may or may not have stayed in our pjs until 3:00 in the afternoon... You took a HUGE nap too. Your usual naps are around 45 minutes but under the circumstances it was not hard to believe you slept for over 2 hours! Poor guy.

5.16.12 Last night was MUCH better. You slept much more normally and today was even better. You still don’t feel great but are certainly more like yourself. We had Layla and Elia at our house today as well so it was a full house. It was pretty funny to watch you and Elia be so curious about each other. Then tonight… Oh tonight, was hilarious. You must have saved all your energy from the past 3 days and let it all loose within a 2 hour time span. It was ridiculous! I kept thinking you were going to hit a wall and it never happened. You were your own little energizer bunny. Dad and I were joking that you were 6 months but going on 6 years will all that energy. I finally put you in the bath to try to wind you down. One of the things that had us rolling with laughter was your sense of entitlement with OUR food and drink. You want to be grown up in this department so bad. If I so much as take a drink of water while I am holding you, you think you need a drink or to try whatever it is I am consuming and put up quite the protest if that right is denied to you. So let’s just say you AND I were both wet from you drinking out of my water glass. I just love you.
5.18.12 Dad and I had a date night with the Pences and the Botkins tonight at the movies. You had another fun outting with GMa and GPa Jones and I must say they took you on quite the adventures. You had your first adventure to Cafe Ole, followed by window shopping at the mall, and I heard GMa even let you try her diet Coke. Oh great... I wasn’t too happy about that. I think soda is a little early at this point. My favorite part about today was picking you up after our date. You were sleeping on GMa’s bed and when I went back to get you Gpa was snuggled up next to you sound asleep. It was so cute. He REALLY loves you Bubba. The feeling is mutual. I woke him and the told me all about your night together. I think he has to be at the tippy top of the list of greatest grandpas of all time.

5.19.12 When I was a baby, Grandpa used to have me stand in the palm of his hand and balance while he held me out above his head. It drove Grandma crazy! Your Dad is no different. And You. Love. It. It’s such a thrill for you and he gets so proud. The funny part about the whole situation is that he saw me doing it with you first and decided he would give it a try. Now he shows your trick off anywhere, anytime.

5.20.12  I can’t remember if I have mentioned this before but Stephanie will not be babysitting you starting in August. They have a lot going on and the twins will be starting kindergarten. We are so sad. I mean so so so sad. We LOVE Stephanie and we LOVE taking you over to their and house. And the hardest part about that is you LOVE it there too. But that’s okay we totally understand, it’s just bitter sweet. So we have begun the search for a replacement. We met with a lady about your Dad and I’s age in my parent’s ward and she seems pretty good. So we are trying it out this week to see how things go… fingers crossed!

5.21.12 Dad and I have started to play on a coed softball team with some friends and tonight was our first game. GMa Mary came to watch… okay really she didn’t come for us. She came to see you, she babysat while we played and thankfully things went pretty well… for the most part.

5.22.12 Big day. It was our first day at Michelle’s to test the waters for the new daycare. Things seemed to go reasonably well considering… it was just too many new things in one day.

5.23.12 Dad and I had another softball game tonight and it was cold. The game wasn’t very fun because we were getting our booties kicked {we aren’t the best team in the league let’s just put it that way} but Grandma wasn’t able to come sit with you. So we ended up taking turns sitting out each inning and you were just chill sitting with so many new people. It didn’t even phase you. I just felt bad it was on the cooler side tonight.

5.24.12 We had your 6 month appointment today. Plus, a recheck on your ear. Plus shots. It’s days like today that you really don’t love the dr. But your ear is all better so that made us both very happy.

5.25.12 Today you have been very sleepy. I think yesterday just took a lot out of you with your shots and other things... {another TMI: “other things” is my illusion to you also being more or less re-circumcised yesterday. No fun!}.

5.26.12 Saturday mornings are a special day at the Doss house. We tend to all snuggle in Dad and I’s bed avoiding the day together. Today was no different. I love snuggling with my two boys. We got a wake up call to go to breakfast with my family and the best part about that was Auntie Carissa is home. It was so fun to see her and it’s been too long. We spent the afternoon shopping for outfits for our first family pictures we are taking on Monday. Well, just you and Dad were successful in that department. We then concluded our evening with a BBQ at my family’s again. Quite an eventful day.

5.27.12 I have probably failed to mention that swaddling is no longer your thing. You are too grown up and sophisticated for that. And the saddest part of all is that you like to lay down and put yourself to sleep just as much, if not more, than me rocking you to sleep. You are just becoming such a little boy too fast. I want to cherish and always remember my little baby boy. The other funny thing you do in terms of sleeping is stomp your feet. Mind you, you are laying down but you lift both your legs off the mattress and stomp your feet down over and over again. It’s so funny to hear you do it over the monitor in the middle of the night. Your quirks are just adorable. But whatever works for you works for me.

5.28.12 Happy Memorial Day! Dad and I had today and we definitely made the most of it. Of course, after you woke up early we all snuggled back in our bed and slept in a little this morning. I love our snuggle parties. Then off to the zoo with the Leavitts! I hadn’t been there since I was a kid and it was so much fun. You had a blast and there was just so much to see and take in. We wore you out just a little bit because you slept a good hour of the tour. Then we ended the day by taking our first family pictures at Katherine Albertsons Park. I cannot wait to see how the turned out!

5.29.12 So.... I’m not to sure this new daycare plan is working out. You are having a really though time adjusting. You won’t eat or sleep for Michelle and cry and fuss most of the day. So. not. you. I’m not sure if it’s stranger danger, a personality clash or just too different or what but you are really struggling and it’s killing me. I feel so bad. I don’t want to call it quits this early into the game but I don’t want to drag out a possible bad situation either. I just hope with a few more days it will get better. If not it’s back to the drawing board. One happy note though, Uncle Gregg graduated high school tonight!

5.30.12 After your rough day yesterday you have been SOOOO tired. You slept most of the morning and even napped while we walked the MK Nature Center and the Greenbelt with Kelsey and Kenna. We had such a blast and it was so nice to get out of the house and just enjoy the wonderful weather. I think we are going to make this a weekly tradition, or at least going to a park or some fun activity each week. Hooray for play dates! Oh my goodness. Night was hilarious. It was WAY past your bedtime and it wasn’t helping that as I was getting you ready for bed that we got all riled up. You were so excited and totally wired :) It was so great. We were being totally goofy and just having such a great time laughing at the silliest things. Dad came in and joined our fun and you hung out on your stomach for like 20 minutes. YES! You HATE tummy time so this was such a bonus!

5.31.12 I have no idea where this came from but you have been all the sudden smacking your lips while eating and then throughout the day chewing on your tongue. The tongue thing is hilarious. You have started to move around a lot more when you sleep. You have been sleeping more on your side than anything.

6.1.12 First swimming adventure. We went over to our neighborhood pool and went swimming for the first time and you loved it. I knew you would love the water. It was so fun to watch you kick your little legs around in the water and splash around. We love the summer and the wonderful weather that comes with it. We had Michelle, the kids and Kelsey and Kenna come swim too. It was Kenna’s first time and quite the little pool party! Oh and daycare was MUCH better today. I was so happy to pick you up and se that you were smiling and in such a good little mood. Thank goodness. Let’s hope it only continues to get better!

6.2.12 Our Saturdays are always full of so many things to get done and today was no exception. We were up early and moving by 6:30am with you and out and about. We got our grocery shopping done by 7:30! Which was sooo weird. I’ve never been that early in the day and thankfully it was dead. We wanted to beat the Saturday rush  as well as the rush from it being the first of the month. Success. Dad was so bummed about not being able to join us for your first time swimming that we went again tonight. He was so excited to take you and couldn’t wait to get you in the water. He’s a good Dad. And we introduced your toothbrush finally and you totally love it. I let you play with it more like a toy for a while but brushing your teeth is more like a game and that suits us all just fine.

6.3.12 We had such a good day at church. It’s not that we normally don’t but today just went so smoothly. We have 9 am church which falls in the middle of your morning nap time which can prove to be difficult some weeks. But not today. I don’t even know how to describe today really. We sat through all the lessons {which doesn’t normally happen because we get restless sometimes and just need to walk around} and you just hung out with Dad most of it. Sundays are probably my favorite day in the sense that it’s the best time to watch you and Dad interact. He usually has you most of church and I love to watch the two of you together. It’s so sweet and always reminds me of what is most important in life and that’s you two. Nothing else comes first or matters. We snuggled up on the couch this afternoon and napped to a movie in the background. We are best friends. There isn’t a whole lot we don’t do together. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love time like this. I cherish these moments everyday. I know as you grow up these moments will change and with each stage will come something new. I look forward to those but I don’t want to pass by or miss this. I love being your mom.

6.4.12 Grandma has way to much fun with you on Mondays. You look at her with such love and trust and that makes me so happy. I am so grateful for wonderful grandparents. They will always be a big part of your life. We are so blessed Bud. Tonight you and I were just talking back and forth after dinner and you were in one of your growling moods. So we playfully growled back and forth. It was quite the little banter as you kept trying to top my growl. Dad was laughing at us, he says we are funny together.

6.5.12 As much as I love summer and all the lovely daylight... I do not love that you are starting to wake up with the sun. AKA 6:30 am. That’s too early when we have a routine for the mornings Dude. And I’m not just talking weekends but weekdays that involve work. But you don’t seem to mind when I go in and meet your sweet little face and then we crawl back into my bed instead. You totally love it. In fact, you love it so much you fall right back asleep for another hour.

6.6.12 Can I just tell you I love that you haven’t developed your “man card” yet? I know you are only 7 months old but I’m so glad. You accompanied me on a date to Jo-Ann Fabrics. You are the best date {don’t tell Dad- he’s good to but you are the best}. And let me tell you, you thought all the colors everywhere were just amazing. You kept reaching and grabbing for everything within reach. One day you are going to be successful, but for now it’s fun to simply watch you try while I effortlessly prevent it. We both know how that will eventually change. We went for a walk in Katherine Albertsons Park again and I tried to get better at my photography. You are such an easy model and don’t mind at all.

6.7.12 You LOVE orange juice. I gave you some diluted with your lunch today and between that and pineapple I thought you were going to die in taste bud happiness. Your little eyes were so huge and I couldn’t serve your food fast enough. At one point you were more interested in drinking the oj than eating and that has NEVER happened. I love being able to be part of the wonder and excitement of experiencing something new for the first time. It just always puts me in check and reminds me how precious life is and to try to never take any moment for granted.

6.8.12 Happy 7 months Dax! To celebrate you have been growing 6 teeth all at once. I joke that you have a grill underneath your gums on the top. But they are giving you more grief than your first 2. Besides your mood I can always tell when your teething because you chew blankets and other materials like that. You prefer that over teething rings or toys any day. You also get diaper rash which is another rarity for you.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

family of 3

I cannot even begin to put into words how much I love my boys. Adam and Daxton are seriously my WHOLE world. I don't know what I would do without them. I mean my life isn't perfect and it definitely is not stress free {which, don't get me wrong that would totally be great}. There is always a want or a need for something but take it all away and all I'm left with are these two.
 Look at them. If I lost everything I would still be okay because of them. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love being a mom. Daxton is the sweetest little boy and so full of energy and life. We seriously play all day long. I wish I was better about being productive and getting things checked off my to do lists. But the laundry will still be there, I will always have a gazillion crafts in mind and the toilets will inevitably get dirty again. But this... 
How can I miss out on THIS? I don’t want to miss any of it. I am so grateful for Adam and how hard he works for our family so I don’t have to. We are so blessed.I love that my son lights up when Adam or I walk into a room. Nobody can make me feel that special. I love him with everything I am.

Special thanks to Lauren D Photography for the amazing photos. She did such a great job and I couldn't be happier.