Tuesday, October 2, 2012

nap time?

It's nap time at our house. Well, it's supposed to be... Instead of a sleeping boy I found this.

It's been waaay to long dear blog... so let me just sum up my life the simplest I can. It rocks. I mean it. It totally rocks. And this little boy is one of the biggest reasons why. 
I had no idea you could love something this much. I am totally smitten over this little boy. He is going to be 11 months in a few days and I have no idea where my baby went. 

He makes me laugh everyday. His favorite toys are not even toys at all, but dog bowls {especially ones filled with water for splashing}. 

He loves his toothbrush, but brushing in itself if another story. 

He loves to help me load and unload the dishwasher and just yesterday he climbed up and was sitting on the open door before I turned around. 

He can be a total couch potato or crawl around at a million miles an hour. 

He LOVES and I mean LOVES trucks. The big loud ones. Like garbage trucks for instance. Mondays are his favorite day of the week because it's trash day. Dax will hear the truck coming down the street and get so excited. We sit in the window and watch them collect garbage together. And let me tell you, those 3 minutes are some of my favorite moments. 
 When we are reading stories before bed he almost insists that he turns the page. 

Changing diapers is getting crazy tricky with my little wiggle worm. We use lots of distraction techniques to get the job accomplished. 

Outside is the bomb. It's a fierce competition between Daxton and the dogs when they hear the front door open who will get there first. If he could spend every moment of his day outside, he would. 

I love that he gives high fives. I love even more the proud look he gets on his face when others are impressed with this new skill. He just beams with pride.
His favorite animal by far is a dog. He says dog, Jack, woof, truck, and dad distinctly { and for the record 3 out of those 5 are k9 related}. Lula is OBSESSED with her tennis ball and Daxton loves to play fetch with her. And yes, it's my 11 month old that does most of the throwing.  

Daxton LOVES his Grandpa. {if I could only really emphasize the l-o-v-e for you} There is very few things this kid loves as much as his GPa. They are best friends. Nobody or anything exists when Grandpa Jones is around. Not even mom. 

Our family has a sweet tooth issue and Dax is no exception. If you give a sample of a sweet you better have seconds ready. And yogurt. Oh the yogurt. He is so sad when it's all gone.  

I have peekaboo app on my phone just for Daxton. It teaches them animals and their sounds and this little guy just eats it up. When he hears the opening jingle his face just lights up. I love that I can hand him my phone and he will turn it sideways and get to it likes he's been using a phone forever. He is so smart. 
I love being a mom. LOVE it. There is nothing more rewarding then teaching Daxton something only to watch him do it on his own. I love that I can talk to him and he understands me and even more so responds accordingly. I am so grateful for this little blessing in my life. He teaches me so much and helps me to slow down and enjoy life's precious moments. I only wish time would slow down so it could last longer.