Monday, August 9, 2010

Get Outta Town

We are a camping fiends! That seems to be our flavor of the summer. Adam and I needed a break from life so took time off work and said, "SAYONARA Boise, we are outta here!" So we did what any fun-loving people would do. We spent the weekend in Cascade with the 2 best people you ever did meet, Ashley and Nathan Leavitt and their dog Duke. Let me introduce you: (Nate, I love this picture and makes me laugh... sorry I put it on the world wide web.) SUPER FUN! One of fun-filled adventures was when we went and did the river kayaks up at North Shore Beach in McCall. We took our furry companions and rented 2 doubles and took off for the afternoon. Duke had such a blast walking all over the kayak-he has impeccable balance! Jack just thought it was the most exciting thing ever! The thing is he doesn't know he is little yet... but Jack did so good! He was pooped by the end of the extrusion and just took a siesta on my lap and then in the shade of the kayak. One of our hilarious stories comes with what started out as a race between our two boats. In this river there are fallen trees which then lead to fallen tree stumps. Adam and I dodged around a set of two right next to each other, but our fearless compadres decided to sneak through them... well they missed. This is the outcome: They got lodged on top of it! SOOO FUNNY!!! We played on the beach and got Duke to FINALLY swim! Although he need a little leverage but we won't talk about that it's a family secret we will use on all our children... right Ash? ;)
Between dirt for a campsite, 2 trees as shade, Ice Cream Alley, watching the dogs chase after the laser pointer, deflating air mattresses, back lighting in our tents, games all night, dirt, s'mores and campfires, I don't know if we could had any more excitement. Thanks to Nate and Ashley for not only putting up with us but also being our almost unbelievably-IDENTICAL-personality-matching friends :) We lub you guys!

New Family Addition... Meet Jack

Let me first say, Adam loves me. That poor man, I have him wrapped around my little finger :)
Now with that said, he got me a puppy! I have wanted one forever and we finally got the approval from the landlord. Well, next day we had a puppy! This is little Jack.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We love Summer

We love warm weather and summertime!!! Boating, sunshine, shorts and flip flops, camping, sunshine, floating the river, late nights, windows down, sunshine, sunroof open and of course MORE SUNSHINE! Hhhhmmm! :)
Who doesn't love summer?

Independence Day

Adam and I spent the 4th of July camping in Cascade with his parents. We camped at Lake Cascade State Park and we had the most amazing view of the lake. Every morning we got to wake up to this right outside our tent.Gorgeous isnt' it? We were the true campers in our little pack though, everyone else pulled out their 5th wheels and motor homes and we had our trusty tent. We love camping and according to us, we camp luxurious style. With our too-big-for-two tent, sleeping bags that zip together and an air mattress we live the life in the great outdoors. The only thing that is missing is a bathroom, otherwise we are set. Now, I love the dirt but I love a me a clean shower more! Greasy hair is not my foretay. So thank goodness for those 5th wheels right?We went kayaking on the river up by North Shore and went on hikes and played with his parents yorkie, Rocky in the lake. The only thing missing from our 4th of July was the heat and oh yeah, fireworks... oops. We got a little lazy and didn't make it into town to see the big fireworks but we did see the locals set off their illegal ones across the lake. That counts right?
On our drive home we stopped at a draw bridge and took a break from the drive and got a little daring. We got home and watched an outdoor movie with my family in my parent's backyard. I love summer and holidays. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One Year Already?

Holy smokes! Times does fly! Adam and I shared our first year anniversary on June 13th. I know I'm a little late but there is SOOOOO much to tell you about! Sorry I have been so behind AGAIN on keeping this thing updated... So first things first, decided to get a gift together instead of getting each other something... so we got a Wii! :)Adam was in charge of our anniversary this year and he did an amazing job planning the whole thing... with a little help :) Most of if was a surprise but the camping part the first night I played a little part in to make sure everything we needed was present and accounted for. We headed up to McCall and spent the first night in Ponderosa State Park. Which, might I add, is my FAVORITE place to camp ever! But we had fun setting up our little site and strolling around down by the lake. We ran into town to get some last minute supplies at good old Paul's Grocery... and where I may have secretly vandalized the store but on ACCIDENT of course. As we were getting our ducks in a row, I spotted one of the most crucial tools needed for any experienced campers collection- roasting sticks! So I quickly grabbed two of them and due to my happy-go-lucky mood at that moment I started to have a sword fight with an invisible opponent. (And for the record these sticks were not sharp in the end, but flat and evenly cut.) Well, one thing lead to another and as we were cruising down the soda pop isle I spotted a big old carton of root beer needing to be taught a lesson! I screamed, "ON GUARD" and took a poke at the plastic holding all the cans in their place and misjudged my strength. Because I stabbed right into some poor can and soda started spraying EVERYWHERE! I just laughed with embarrassment and headed straight to the check stand to get the heck outta there! Adam just laughed at me.We started dinner later that night and gave up just as quickly as we started and decided pizza was a much better alternative. :) That next morning though, we had the best breakfast ever! Hot fresh straight off the fire. Yum! That morning we met Jeff, our entertaining little squirrel who I ended up feeding right out of my hand; apparently he had a thing for graham crackers. But that afternoon we spent running around, enjoying ourselves and splashing around in the Gold Fork hot springs.That evening was the surprise part. Adam had booked the Rose Room Suite at the Ashley Inn in Cascade. We got all checked in and headed up to shower and check out the room. It was nice, BUT I will say that for a ROSE room I expected REAL flowers, but instead we got FAKE roses. Unimpressed. Let me tell you I was just swept off my feet after brushing those artificial rose pedals off of my bed... NOT! :/ But other than that, I will say the room was quite luxurious. Great view and AMAZING bathroom complete with a gigantic jacuzzi tub with a fireplace and huge shower! -Can't wait to have a one of those.I have always wanted to go see a movie in the old Roxy theater in Cascade so Adam did just that. And the rest of the evening was spent just the two of us. We had a lot to celebrate besides our one year so it made it an even better weekend than we could have hoped for. I love you, Adam. Thanks for an amazing anniversary! I look forward to many more :)