Thursday, August 5, 2010

Independence Day

Adam and I spent the 4th of July camping in Cascade with his parents. We camped at Lake Cascade State Park and we had the most amazing view of the lake. Every morning we got to wake up to this right outside our tent.Gorgeous isnt' it? We were the true campers in our little pack though, everyone else pulled out their 5th wheels and motor homes and we had our trusty tent. We love camping and according to us, we camp luxurious style. With our too-big-for-two tent, sleeping bags that zip together and an air mattress we live the life in the great outdoors. The only thing that is missing is a bathroom, otherwise we are set. Now, I love the dirt but I love a me a clean shower more! Greasy hair is not my foretay. So thank goodness for those 5th wheels right?We went kayaking on the river up by North Shore and went on hikes and played with his parents yorkie, Rocky in the lake. The only thing missing from our 4th of July was the heat and oh yeah, fireworks... oops. We got a little lazy and didn't make it into town to see the big fireworks but we did see the locals set off their illegal ones across the lake. That counts right?
On our drive home we stopped at a draw bridge and took a break from the drive and got a little daring. We got home and watched an outdoor movie with my family in my parent's backyard. I love summer and holidays. :)

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