Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Together Forever

Aaaahhhh! We are married??? Yes, Adam and I did make it through the engagement. Props to us right? We sealed it for time and all eternity in the Boise, Idaho Temple on June 13th, 2009. So it's official we are stuck together for ever and ever! I don't even think I could put into writing how amazing and special that day really was. If you are married then you know exactly what I am talking about. Adam and I met at the temple and our session was at 10:30am. The ceremony was beautiful, the feeling indescribable, and the emotions surreal. We were so absorbed in the moment and taking in what was truly taking place that Saturday morning that is was mind boggling. Adam looked so handsome and I couldn't have been more in love with him. I married above my head and I am so blessed to have him. As we walked out of that temple holding hands as husband and wife for the first time we were flooded with family and friends, and oh yeah tons of flashing cameras! Oh what a day! Of course there were soooo many pictures to take everyone cooperated quite nicely. -Thank you everyone! :] We had such a blast with those pictures, our photographers were amazing and it would not have been nearly as fun without Nate Thueson, Adam's best man, to spice up the mix. He was so proud of his best man pin that was labeled and I quote "BM," it just cracks me up. After pictures we had a delicious luncheon compliments of the Byers Family. And soon after Adam and I were off taking more pictures at the Boise Train Depot. Between rain showers and laughs we took hundreds of fun photos and finished with only a little time to spare before our reception.
The reception was beautiful! My mother did such an amazing job piecing it all together and it would have never turned out so well if we didn't have help from so many of you. What a party though! We had a DJ, music, dancing, complimentary-made-with-love-bunt-cake (Homemade by the greatest mom in the world. Yes, she made every single piece of chocolate cake at that wedding!), a toast, the whole works. It was so much fun and turned out even better than we could have pictured. But by the end of the night Adam and I were so tired, hungry and ready to get out of there! So on our way to the Anniversary Inn we made a pit stop at good old Taco Bell in our wedding dress and tuxedo. The drive through lady thought that was so great that we got free food! The rest of the night was history and you can let your imagination fill in the blank.
But the next morning now... I have to inform you that my corrupt gang I call my family showed their love by filling our car FULL of PACKING PEANUTS and decorating the outside! Good morning! :]

Pictures soon to come...

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