Saturday, November 3, 2012

i missed this

Adam and I spent a whole week away from all our cares and it was wonderful. We haven't done that since our honeymoon. No phones, no email, no school, no interruptions.  The only downside was I wished Daxton was there. He spent his portion of our vacation with Grandma and Grandpa and he was in heaven. Seriously. I came home to little boy that walks everywhere all on his own, eats with utensils and finally says Mom. I think I should send him to his grandparents more often. He was spoiled rotten. I missed him like crazy but it was good for both of us. He spent an entire week with my Dad who took work off to play with him. If you didn't know they are BEST BUDS. Grandpa is his absolute favorite in the whole world. Grandpa trumps ALL. {yes, even me}

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