Monday, April 5, 2010

Conference Weekend

Saturday morning we headed out of town with our good friends Nate and Ashley Leavitt. We were headed to Utah for conference and a weekend away from the 208. On the drive down I took a Dramamine for car sickness, but it wasn't non-drowsy... and the result was Jessica passed out in the passenger seat with her mouth wide open! Everyone kept teasing me; claiming I would start talking about all sorts of foods like hot dogs and red bubble gum. So needless to say I made sure I was wide awake for the ride home. :) We arrived that afternoon and the boys got ready for the Priesthood session and Ashley and I went shopping. We got lost in the TJ Maxx there; it is was SOOO HUGE! We found lots of cute things to decorate our houses. Then we jumped from store to store to store and eventually met up with our husbands and our friends Dustin Moyer and his cute new fiance Courtney at Tucanos for dinner. I had never eaten there before, but WOW! There is sooo much meat! For those of you that know me, you know I am not the best meat eater. I am a strict chicken fan but Adam was very proud of me. I tried almost everything!
That night we played Wii Resort. Oh my hilarious! There was a sword fighting game that was so funny! We got way into it (you all know how that goes). I was just a little sore the next day... kind of pathetic! :)
Sunday morning, after breakfast we started our new family tradition of dyeing Easter Eggs! I hadn't done that since I was like 5 years old! It was really fun and totally childish but what a great tradition!We had tickets to the Sunday afternoon session. Which was AMAZING! My favorite part was when Elder Nelson teased about showing his baby picture and then giving that classic wink at the camera! I loved the talk from Bradley D. Foster with the story of the young boy and his father trying to read a wordless picture book. And the little boy correcting the father on his choice of vocabulary and when his father questioned him on how he knew this, the little boy replied, "Because Mother told me." His father then asks who was the last word and authority in the house and the little boy thought very hard and then carefully replied, "You... because Mother told me." It was so cute! Conference was wonderful and it was so fun to be able to go with Adam for the first time.
Nobody really loves having to climb in a car and drive home right? Our ride home was such a hoot! We cranked the ipod and sang to all sorts of silly, fun songs. Not to outdone we included dancing! So fun!


  1. I love you guys!! and I love that your background matches your conference outfit picture perfectly! nice work Jess. I'm going to blog stalk your blog for sure because we don't hang out with you guys unless I invite us over... I don't like taking up your alone time (the weekends) so you guys let us know when you want to hang out :) and If I'm impatient.. I will invite you over

  2. i like how you posted possibly the worst most disgusting picture of me in the entire universe. good thing we are still friends...and just for the record - i think its funny, not mean, just to clear that up.