Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Line a Day

My dear friend Rachel inspired me to do this. She kept a daily journal for her daughter to mark all those first milestones and I just loved her line a day so much that I thought I should do the same. 

Here is Daxton's first month... yeah it's been a whole month already. I don't know how time has flown that fast but it has. I just hope I can keep up :)
11.9.11 So much to learn. We are both trying to get the hang of breastfeeding and things are slowly progressing for us. But you are just the sweetest thing I think I have ever seen. Your weight dropped down to 4.15 and I was just shocked when the nurses told me that. That is soooo little! You had to do some time under the bili light because of your jaundice. It made me so sad to  see you under there I was pretty emotional. But you did great and after a little while you didn't seem to mind. You are so sleepy and sleep like there is no tomorrow. Between all the visitors and eating every 2 hours, all three of us are just exhausted but we have had the most incredible time together and I wouldn’t trade all of this for the world. I love being your mommy. 


11.10.11 We got to take you home from the hospital today! It was such a great feeling leaving with you. Dad and I were on such an emotional and spiritual high. It felt so good to get outside and experience so many firsts with you. Like your first time outside, your first car ride, first time meeting Jack and Lula, first night at home…  We are so blessed to have you in our family and it couldn’t be more complete.

11.11.11 4 days old today and your first photo shoot! After your first initial visit with Dr. Kissam, your pediatrician, you had your newborn photos with Amanda Andrews out in Mountain home. You did so great and let me just say those pictures are going to be so cute! You loved all the heating pads and space heaters everywhere. Daddy got his picture taken with you on his college football- he was so proud.


11.13.11 Grandma Mary came over and spent the afternoon with you and me. You sunbathed again to help with your jaundice and you loved it- just like your Mom. Daddy and I had to take you to the hospital to get more blood work done to measure your bilirubin levels and we waited for 2 hours. Daddy was getting protective that you had to wait so long to be seen- he was not happy. You really didn’t like having you have your foot poked and I was trying so hard not to cry.

11.14.11 You have officially found your tongue and you play with that silly little thing all day long.


11.15.11 You had your follow up appointment today and your circumcision. I felt so sad leaving that office. But the dr said you were SOOO good, you didn’t even cry during the procedure. And you are back up to your birth weight again of 5.5 lbs! Your jaundice looks much better and you are more perfect than ever.

11.16.11 I took you back to see your pediatrician today to check on you. We had a rough night last night because you were bleeding and I was an emotional wreck. I felt so bad and you were having a hard time being your usual relaxed self. Grandma Jones and Andrew came over to help me because Daddy was at school- thank goodness you have such a great family. You are one lucky little guy.

11.17.11 Last night Grandpa Jones came and had a sleepover at the house. He came to give mom and dad a full night of sleep. He got up with you every 2 hours with you. When I woke up he left you a note in your crib. It said: “Daxton, Thanks for letting me sleep over. It was fun getting to know you better. I’m looking forward to more fun dates ahead. Tell mom I love her- Love Grandpa” He is already the best grandpa and loves you sooo much. He also says you are the cutest baby he has ever seen. He’s not biased. And your umbilical cord fell off today! You have an officially innie!

11.18.11 You had your first act of defiance today. You definitely get this from me. But you wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with nursing. You literally used your hands and feet to push away and with those little lips pierced together at tightly as you could muster. I wish I could have captured the look on your face. You also got to be the tag-a-long for Daddy and I’s date night. All three of us went to the redbox and curled up and watched “The Green Lantern.”

11.19.11 First Boise State Football game- well technically your second but first you participated in. We went to Uncle Austin and Aunt Codi’s house and you were actually watching the game on the screen. I was pretty impressed. On a sad note your Great Papa John passed away today. Your dad was really sad that we never got the chance to meet them. But he was so excited when we talked to him after you were born.

11.20.11 You went to first tithing settlement. Bishop Broadbent thinks you are just precious and you know what? He’s so right. And you got to meet Aunt Lori today! She was so excited to see you.

11.21.11 Lots and lots of visitors in the last 13 days of your life. I think we are both getting ready for things to settle down. It makes it hard for both of us to get in food and naps.  Today you were out and about the most you have been in your whole life. I was a little apprehensive to say the least. We met up with Grandma Jones on her lunch hour to try to find your blessing outfit and you got to see all the girls at Dr Z’s office and they just loved to love up on you. After Dad got off work we went to your Great Grandma Hayes house to meet her for the first time. She is a professional seamstress and was attempting to help alter a tuxedo we found for you. No luck. Then, we went to Costco. It felt good to be out and about but you are still so little it makes me nervous. But you are a champ and didn’t even mind- believe it or not you just slept through most of it.


11.22.11 We went back to your pediatrician today for your 2 week check. She said you look just perfect. (That seems to be a common word for describing you.) You are now 6 lbs and have grown ½ “. Your jaundice is gone so you no long have to eat every 2 hours! You and I are BOTH excited about more sleep at night. But we found out why you have had a few rough nights- gas. Your poor little belly is bloated so we have some exercises to do that will help and got some gas drops too. They seem to help but I just wish I could make it go away; I don’t like it when you are no your happy cheery self.


11.23.11 You have started to dislike being swaddled as much as you used to. You LOVE to sleep with your hands above your head on either side of you now. And stretching out your legs is becoming more common instead of always cured up like a frog. You are changing everyday too. I can’t believe that you don’t really look like a newborn to me anymore. And when Daddy was feeding you tonight you took the bottle right out of his hands and held it all by yourself! You are only 2 weeks old! We were impressed.

11.24.11 Happy Thanksgiving! Today is your official due date. We ate our Thanksgiving meal at Grandma Mary’s house with Ed and Aunt Lori. You slept through everything. You are just one tired little tike! After dinner we made the rounds to all the family. We played the money game at Austin and Codi’s and your dad won the pot of $39! Wahoo! Then the candy bar game we weren’t so lucky to come out on top. After that we headed off to your Great Aunt Virlyn’s to visit with everyone. Grandpa and Grandma just got home from your Great Papa John’s funeral in California so they haven’t seen you all week- it was a great treat for them.

11.25.11 Your first Black Friday! Dad convinced Mom to go out with Aunt Carissa and Grandma for a little shopping and so you had your first boys night with Dad. Things went pretty well considering it was in the middle of the night. You have such a good Dad. I hope you know how much he truly loves you.

11.26.11 Dad had his internship at BSU again today so you stayed home and hung out with me. We like having the day to just hang out and attempt to get things done. Laundry is about all we can ever get accomplished. When Dad came home we went out and did a little more shopping which really ended up as window shopping. It was nice to for us to get out of the house for a little while.

11.27.11 Your baby blessing was today! Daddy did such a good job! You were just peaceful and good and ever sleeping away. You looked soooo cute in your little blessing outfit. And you have such a big support system. The men who participated in your blessing were: Dad, Grandpa Jones, Uncle Austin, Dustin Moyer, Tucker Botkin, Dane Pence, Andrew Firkins, and Adam Firkins. It was such a wonderful experience and I was just happy to be a part of it. Your Dad was so nervous; he hadn’t been that nervous in his whole life- not even for a college football game! I hope you know how special you are to him. He loves you so much. You don’t even know the impact you have a missionary already. Your Grandpa and Grandma Doss and Grandma Mary were all there too. That is HUGE! After your blessing Dad handed you over to Grandpa Doss and his reaction was so neat to watch. He wasn’t able to participate in your blessing but just having that honor was very moving for him and it showed. They all love you Daxton and so do I. Oh and the Christmas tree is officially up :)

11.28.11 You have done it ever since day 1, but that little “O” face you make is just to die for. I am sad that you don’t make your audible high pitched sigh as much as you used to. Your Daddy and I love it and I just hope we can get it recorded.

11.29.11 First night in your crib last night! You nap there during the day but Mommy was a little nervous to make the jump and have you sleep across the house at night. But I did it and that was probably your best night EVER since being home. It made a very enjoyable and sleep inclined night for your mother so thank you.

11.30.11 We went to visit my work today. It was kinda comical to hear all the “aaaawwwws” and “oooooohhhhhs” coming from all the girls. Everyone just loved you and couldn’t believe how little you are which is crazy to me because I see how much you have grown these 3 weeks. I swear you have doubled your size. And we made our first ever trip to the grocery store and we went all alone. Apparently we were feeling brave :) You just slept which was great for me because the way I had your car seat in the shopping cart would have definitely made things interesting if you needs some TLC.

12.1.11 You slept for a 4 hour stretch last night! Hello beauty sleep for mom! I am so proud of you! We are making progress and that feels so good. Have I told you how much I love you?


12.3.11 Daddy left to go to California with Grandpa to help move Grandma Rene to Meridian. So it’s just you and me for the next 2 days. You got to spend another evening with your Grandpa Jones while I went to a BSU basketball game with Grandma, Great Grandma Cole and Uncle Andrew. It was hard to leave you for the first time with someone other than Daddy but you did great. Uncle Austin and Aunt Codi were there too. I’m pretty sure they think you are just the greatest thing under 10 pounds.

12.4.11 First sleepover! We ended up staying the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s because we were both too tired and Mommy wasn’t ready for a night home alone while Dad was gone. I think your grandparents were more thrilled than ever. We had a pretty good night too considering we didn't’ really plan for that. Later that evening we picked up Dad from the airport. You and I met your Great Grandmother for the first time. She was just tickled pink to meet you. Dad said when she was saying goodbye to everyone in California she kept bragging about how she got to meet her great grandson. She was excited to say the least. And when she held you for the first time I don’t think she took her eyes off of you.

12.5.11 Grandma Rene moved into her new assisted living facility called Spring Creek. We went over to visit tonight and she was ready as ever to hold you again. It’s so fun to watch her watch you. She concentrates so hard on every little feature like she is trying to memorize every little detail.

12.6.11 Lazy day for you and I. I tired to take some pictures with my new camera but let’s just say I have a long ways to go before I will be satisfied with my work. You, on the other hand are a great model. I love to watch you sleep. You have officially decided you love to sleep with your hands unrestrained and above your head. I call it the“field goal.” And I just don’t know what I will do when you decide you don’t really like your legs curled up so much. You like them almost as close as you can get them to your chest. Like a little frog. All these details have changed so much since you were born 4 weeks ago today and I love to see how much you have grown. Yet it makes me sad it’s coming and going so fast. I don’t want this you-and-me time we have together to end.


12.8.11 We have gone to see Grandma Rene everyday so far and I dare say you are the real highlights our visits. She loves to hold you on her lap as that seems to be the easiest for her. But you are getting SO strong! Not only do you hold your head up most of the time but you almost push yourself straight off of her lap by pushing against her stomach. You are growing up so fast. You are one whole month old today and I don’t know where all that time has gone. I wish things would just slow down.  


  1. This is so great! You did an awesome job describing him...perfect! Congrats to you and Adam. He's adorable!

  2. I love this, what a great idea! I LOVE the part about your dad coming to stay, it's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever heard! what an awesome Grandpa! Daxton is SO cute!

  3. so so cute :) way to go on being consistent!! amazing! :)