Monday, January 9, 2012

2 Months

Yep, you read the title right: 2 months. Where has the time gone? I can't even begin to explain how wonderful my life with this little boy is. Right next to Adam, they are my most favorite things in this whole world. I love being Daxton's mommy and I can't wait to hear what his little voice will one day sound like when he calls me that. But not to get ahead of myself of course. Time can just take a chill pill as far as I am concerned because Dax is growing up WAY TOO FAST. Although he still has that newborn cry he hardly seems like a newborn baby to me anymore. I just hope I can capture every moment and never forget how sweet life is when you take a moment to slow down and joy it. Seriously, as I am writing this post this little man is asleep in my arms. I swear I could hold him forever, especially when he sleeps. I mean look how sweet he is?
12.9.11 You and I went to my work Christmas party at Wahooz for some bowling fun. Let me just say you were most definitely the life of the party and the star attraction. You even posed for a photo-op with one of the bowling teams. You were awake for the longest time period of your life as we bowled. And those light fixtures were just something else- you couldn’t seem to get enough of them. And you slept like a rock after that!
12.10.11 Tonight we had the Pences and the Botkins over and we made homemade Christmas ornaments out of salt dough. It was an experience and we were all definitely first timers. Dad and I tried to get your hand and footprints done but it was proving to be more difficult than we thought and I’m not so sure you were a fan of the cold dough on your feet. We also made Grinch cookies which turned out AMAZING if I do say so myself. Two new Christmas traditions I hope we do for many years to come. 
12.11.11 We all made it through our first full week of church as a family. There are about 5 newborn babies in the ward but my unbiased opinion is you are definitely the cutest. We made the family rounds today and ended at your Great Grandma Cole’s house to do our traditional ornament opening. Each year Grandma gives everyone a new ornament. You got your first. They are a pair of little blue glass shoes with all your birth information on them. 

12.12.11 Okay Bud, Dad and I have been attending your all-night parties for the last few nights and we are TIRED. I love you but I don’t think I can do many more nights until 3 am anymore. So our new goal--> work on that.

12.13.11 I finally weighed you since your last dr visit and you are up to 8 pounds! It's crazy for me to think some girls deliver babies as big as you are now and even bigger than that! I just can't imagine. Thanks for coming a little early and sparing me :) and when you woke up crying from a nap this afternoon you had your first crocodile tears. Is it bad to say you were so cute? 

12.14.11 You rolled over today! I told you that you were very strong for your age. You rolled over from your tummy to your back and luckily I got it on film! And tonight after your bath Dad was reading to you and normally you are pretty interested in the book itself but tonight you were all about Dad. You just stared up at him and didn't take your eyes off him. I tried to take a picture but you fell asleep by the time I got there. He loves you so much and so do I. And we had a great night last night! You were in bed by 9:00pm and we only got up twice in the night. I was so happy :)

12.15.11 We went to your baby shower the ward TRIED to put on the day you were born today. It was a rescheduled for obvious reasons. It was put on by my wonderful visiting teachers and turned out to be a lot of fun and you got spoiled rotten... AGAIN. You lucky boy you. 

12.16.11 Back to the pediatrician today. Bad news is we went back because you have not been feeling good. Good news is you are now 8.6 pounds and growing beautifully. I took you in because for the last 2 days you have not been your happy little self and all you want is to be held all day- even for your naps. Not that I mind holding you but I couldn’t stand to see you cry because something was hurting anymore. And I was right, you have GER (gastroesophageal reflux ) which is basically heartburn in babies. So Dr Kissam gave you a prescription to take away the pain. I hope it helps.

12.17.11 The medicine definitely seems to be doing its job. You had a MUCH better night and things are looking up! We went and did some Christmas shopping today (we are a little late in the game) and didn’t get very far. More running around than anything. Tonight we had a Jones Family dinner at Uncle Austin’s and did our gift exchange because they will be in Cedar, Utah for Christmas this year. And OH MY GOODNESS your Uncle and Aunt love you SOOO much. But I have to back up and fill in some details. Austin nicknamed you Sanka from the movie “Cool Runnings” because when he very first saw you you were ‘tanning’ under he bililight at the hospital; then the second time he saw you you were wearing your football beanie with the tastles- he saw them as dreads. So he teases about your “lucky egg” and the name Sanka has stuck ever since. Well, Uncle Austin found you a Christmas present alright. HE FOUND A LUCKY EGG! And he was so excited to give it to you. So you now have a lucky egg, “Cool Runnings” and a onesie that says “Want to kiss my lucky egg?” on the front and “Sanka” on the back... it will all make more sense when you are older and watch the movie I promise. 

12.18.11 Lazy day at our house. Dad got to watch 2 football games... not a usual around our house. And I found what to make for your Christmas present! It is in the making and I am super excited because I think you are just going to love it! We went to Grandpa and Grandpa Doss’ for dinner with Great Grandma Rene. And I must say I have never seen someone eat like Grandma Rene! She is the fastest eater on the planet! And that’s not a bad thing, I was simply super impressed and blown away- not at all what I was expecting from her. They couldn’t believe how much you have grown in the past week either. Putting on some pounds and starting to outgrow some of your newborn clothes... I’m not ready for that yet because before you know it my maternity leave will be over, then it’s your first day of school, then your dating and.... Let’s just slow it down okay? I want to enjoy every second and not miss a thing. I just can’t believe how fast time really does go!

12.19.11 We spent the day with Aunt Carissa today. We BOTH loved it. We miss her while she is away at school so today was a blast. We went Christmas shopping and ran errands AND I GOT THE SUPPLIES FOR YOUR PRESENT! Construction begins tomorrow! Your Dad and I rented the movie “The Fifth Quarter” and oh my goodness. The story line is based on a true story and SOOOO sad. Without going into details it made your dad and I really think about how fragile life is and how quickly someone you love can be gone. I want you to know how much we love you Daxton. You are the MOST important thing in the whole world and all that matters. We can’t imagine a life without you in it. You have a very important part in this family and always will. 

12.20.11 Thank you for having such a good day today. Because of that I was able to clean the house and not just the house, but the WHOLE house. It was a very productive day :)  


12.22.11 Busy day! Brunch with your Great Aunt Jane and Grandma, off to hang with the uncles, then to my 6 week appointment with Dr Z! We weren't even home today it seems like. Dad came home early from work and his Christmas vacation started so we get him for a whole week! We are both excited about that. 

12.23.11 Yesterday was so busy for us that you didn't get an actual nap. The good ones where you fall asleep and wake up on your own so consequently today you were soooo sleepy.You just wanted to sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Needless to say. Was another pretty lazy day. Tonight during bath time you cried going in the tub, loved your bath as always (especially getting your hair washed, you LOVE to have your head rubbed with my fingertips) and cried coming out of the tub. You really didn't want it to end. But I don't blame you I hate that initial getting out of the shower moment- it's cold! Oh and I finished your present... It's your mobile! Dad helped and it looks pretty good If I do say so myself.
12.24.11 Christmas Eve! We have been busy this holiday season because you are the life of all the parties and the VIP guest too. We went and did Christmas with Grandma Mary and you got to open your first stocking. Uncle Dan gave you your first fishing pole and Aunt Lori gave you the book Corduroy. From there we went to Aunt Virlyn's for some pasta and you met Aunt Heather for the first time. Then that evening we celebrated Christmas with my family at our house and Elder Belliston came too. We had tons of food and played our family money game- Grandma Cole won this time. We opened all our present and you had quite the haul! Your favorite gift by far has been your swing. You love that thing and know the instant it stops moving even if you are dead asleep. You did pretty good with all the loud noise and didn't even seem to mind. It was another late night for all of us.
 12.25.11 Your first Christmas! It was spent with Dad's family and we just played all day long. Grandma Rene came and we did our gift exchange which is always an adventure with everyone. You were passed around and loved as always and enjoyed sleeping in everyone's arms- that's your favorite place to sleep EVER by the way. 

12.26.11 Dad's office is all closed up for the week and school is out so we get to enjoy him and have him all to ourselves. Grandma Mary broke her wrist ice skating so we'll have time to spend with her too while she is hanging out at home healing. 


12.28.11 Where has the week gone? With Dad home it's been so nice to get things done- your room is FINALLY getting put together! And I've decided you prefer the bottle over nursing. It seems easier and you eat much better that way. 

12.29.11 Ugh. Dad and I got organized with all our medical bills between the 3 of us. Let's just keep it simple and say its been a medical year and thank goodness for insurance. We went and played cards with Grandma Rene today and she loved that we were able to stay and hang out for a few hours uninterrupted. 
12.30.11 I had to go get some follow up blood work done today so I was at the hospital for a good 5 hours; leaving you and Dad on your own. You boys seemed to do okay without me but I sure missed you. Dad had to deal with your first blow out all by himself :) It wasn’t very big as you will show him one day... but he seemed pretty proud he took care of if alone. 

12.31.11 New Year’s Eve! We had a little get together at our house and you did wonderful as always! It was so fun to ring in the new year with you and your dad as we watched the countdown and drank our bubbly (non-alcoholic of course). 

1.1.12 Interesting day at church today. Well, funny might be a better word. You are going to be quite the little entertainer. During sacrament meeting you started to stir in your car seat so I took you out and was holding you. Mind you, it’s quiet and you let out a loud belch. Everyone giggled because for such a little person it was pretty impressive. But the fun didn’t stop there for you- oh no. As if you wanted to one-up yourself you followed with a nice juicy wet toot. That really got the crowd going. Yep, you are definitely your father’s son. In fact, he was so proud of you that he took you to Elder’s Quorum to show you off.

1.2.12 I’ve said it before but your hunger cues are constantly changing and lately it’s sticking out your tongue. Today however, I learned a new one. You were chillin in your swing while I was getting ready today and I heard you spit out your pacifier then all the sudden SMACK! Those perfect little lips let out the loudest smack I have ever heard! I started laughing. Totally made my day. You make my day every day. 

1.3.12 You giggled today! I was just talking out loud to you like I always do; just sharing my thoughts and I asked you if you wanted to hear a secret and you giggled! It was so cute! You have really started to be very observant and take in your surroundings.Objects have become so interesting. You LOVE the frame collage in the living room too, for some reason it is just fascinating! Dad and I also went on our first date night alone tonight. We went to the Cirque du Soliel’s Michael Jackson: the Immortal World Tour and you went to Grandpa and Grandma Doss’. I cried as we pulled out of the drive way. It was so hard to leave you like that but I made it just fine for those few hours. You did wonderfully though-happy as a clam and behaved so well, just like your mother taught you. :)

1.4.12 It is becoming so fun to have playtime- when you are actually awake that is. But you love to lay on your mat with all your bright fun toys dangling above your head. I can make you giggle easily and you are trying SOOO hard to actually laugh. It’s sooo cute to watch. You open your mouth so wide and give me this big grin and coo and talk right back to me. I sure love being your mom. Oh, and Grandma Mary came and hung out with us for a few hours today. She thinks you are just the best medicine for that broken wrist of hers.  

1.5.12 I love giving you your baths. And frankly you love getting them. But I REALLY love your hair after a bath. It’s adorable. Not only is it getting lighter like a sandy brown, but it’s sooo fuzzy right after a bath. And I love putting it into all sorts of little hair styles while I dry you off. But my favorite is that little fohawk.

1.6.12 Mom had to go into work today to get her new schedule all arranged. Time has gone way to fast and I’m so sad that I have to go back to work already. I would TOTALLY rather just hang around with you all day. I’m going to have a hard time, but it’s only temporary in the big scheme of things... You are now batting and playing with your toys! You were on your play mat that suspends toys above you and while watching them like always you took a swing at one and game over. Once you discovered that those toys didn’t stand a chance. You went crazy hitting them around and enjoying the sounds and influx of movement. It’s so fun to watch you learn and discover something new. Like your tongue for instance- ever since that discovery it has not stopped moving. Tonight was a Jones family get together. Those are always interesting. You met almost everyone there for the first time too. Quite the little celebrity actually. 

1.7.12 First Doss family breakfast! We met Dad’s family for breakfast like we do every month and it was your first outing. We went to Elmer’s (now called Jerry’s I think) and you were just ecstatic to see your Grandma. She can get you to laugh and coo and smile like no body's business! It was absolutely adorable! I love you. 
1.8.12 BREAKING NEWS... YOU SLEPT 6 1/2 HOURS LAST NIGHT! A NEW RECORD! Officially 2 months old and Church today. We were out in the hall after you had eaten and when the ward before us go out and you were in heaven. With all the noise and so many people and kids running around there was just so much to see. It was fun to watch you and those little eyes ran around like crazy trying to take everything in. Have I mentioned how much I love you? And the fact that you are 2 months? I can’t believe it. I’m amazed at how much you have grown and developed in such a short time frame. And SOO smart. 

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  1. aww! he is getting so big! but oh so cute! i love that you do the daily little notes! so cute!!!