Wednesday, January 18, 2012

360 Minutes

360 minutes. That is 6 hours. Have you ever heard of this show?
Well, I haven't watched this show since Jake was the bachelor. My friend Rachel and I watched it obsessively. It was our girl's night. Silly right? I bet you are wondering what 360 minutes has to do with anything. So I'll cut to the chase. I caught the end of one of this season's episodes on TV the other day while doing laundry. When I got bored last night while Adam was doing homework I jumped online for something to watch and WALLA. Adam came in and sat down next to me... then 3 episodes later it's 1:00am.(Note: 1 episode=120 minutes. 3 episodes=360 minutes. 360 minutes=6 hours). 

Yes. That. Just. Happened. Adam and I watched 6 hours of "The Bachelor" on our computer screen. The GOOD part was laughing at how silly and totally awkward some of those girls are. The BEST part was getting ready for bed afterwards. Adam was talking about the girls (BY NAME) and saying who he did and did not like. 

I LOST IT. I was giggling so hard. Who is this guy? Oh yeah. He's just my best friend and I love him to death. Look how much fun we have together. 

Posing for our Christmas card that never got sent out.
 Laughing at our son's bodily functions.
 No ugly sweater party this year- had a baby instead. So he HAD to wear it Christmas Eve.
 Christmas games.
 Yes we have a peeling face mask on. (Sorry for my lack of clothing.)
 Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.
 Halloween. The milkman and pregnant housewife.
 Driving my car but forgot HIS sunglasses. Yes they are ON TOP of his real glasses.
Thanks Babe for giving up your man card to spend time with me. I love you.


  1. bahah love the christmas card pictures !!
    men without man cards are the best :)

  2. hahaha you guys watched 6 hours? that is hilarious!