Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3 Months

Already. Daxton is 13 weeks today. 3 beautiful months. I have learned so much not only about Daxton, but about myself. About being a mother. There truly is no greater calling. 

1.9.12 I have been singing you your ABCs as my song of choice the last few days but let me just say you like the Spanish version MUCH better. For some reason it is soooo funny. You just smile and coo up a storm! I wish I could read your mind in those moments; I wonder what you are really thinking. Even more so I wonder what you think when I literally talk nonstop and tell you everything all day. I never stop talking to you; I am an open book and you know no secrets. Thanks for being such a great listener and never interrupting. :)

1.10.12 I’ve been slowly retiring some of your newborn clothes and you are progressively outgrowing them faster than I know how to cope with. However, it is so fun to watch you learn and grow and it amazes me how much you learn in a day. This afternoon we snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie and I cannot even begin to describe how much I loved it. I LOVE being able to do whatever with you and not worry about what day or time it is or what I need to get done... none of it matters in those moments. It’s like I can freeze time for just a little while.

1.11.12 We had your 2 month appointment today... meaning shots. Thank goodness Dad came because I cried. I actually did better than I though I would you should be proud. You did great though; you are such a champ. You weighed in at 10.2 pounds which kind of surprised me and overall you are looking fantastic and growing beautifully. But later on into the day you needed lots of tlc and those little thighs of yours were very sore and tender. I felt terrible. I just hope tomorrow is better.

1.12.12 I have told you about some of your favorite things like the Spanish ABCs but there are some more. 2 things that you LOVE and also ALWAYS calm you down are a song and photograph. The song is “Santa Lucia” by Nicho Hinojosa and yes that is in Spanish as well. It’s on a CD from your dad’s mission and it’s also one of our love songs. YOU. LOVE. IT. I put it on repeat and you just sit so still and listen to it. It’s pretty funny. In fact you are listening to it RIGHT NOW. I think you really like the guitar in it but especially Spanish. You love it. I just hope we can teach it to you. You also really love a photograph in our living room. It’s my favorite wedding picture of your dad and I. We are in front of the temple- coincidence? I think not. Of all the things in the room you could like to look it there is definitely no parallel. If you are fussy we can just put you in front of it and you instantly quiet down. It is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen and I know you understand or at least can feel what that picture means.

1.13.12 Dad has a boy scout campout tonight up in McCall so it’s you and Me. Aunt Carissa came home tonight so we went to play at your Grandparents. We went on a double date with Grandma and Grandpa to The Outback Steakhouse. You did NOT like it there. Part of it was the fact that it was late and we had waited for almost an hour in the waiting room, but after I finished my salad it was game over... We decided to spend the night again and you loved it. I found it hard to sleep in the same room though. That sounds terrible but you see at home you sleep in your crib in your own room. At Grandma’s we are in the same room so I hear every little noise you make and you are a cute, but also a NOISY sleeper; so I woke up a lot thinking you were waking up. Nope you were always sound asleep.

1.14.12 We love Saturdays. Saturday means Dad is home. Of course we he was camping so we didn’t seem him until later that day but we still LOVE having him home. You boys always seem to find time to watch a football game together on the weekends. And it’s funny because you both claim to be “watching” but you are both watching through closed eyes. Now if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were sleeping. But that could just be a technicality. Tonight Dad and I went out on our second date. We did family dinner at Austin’s and afterwards went to see a movie. Everyone couldn’t wait for us to leave to have you all to themselves. I admit I did much better leaving you this time. However, I have a confession to make. As soon as the movie was over (literally, the credits JUST started) I was crying. I missed you. And Monday is my first day back at work. I’m really nervous. I don’t know how I will do for more than 3 hours.

1.15.12 After church we had dinner with Grandma Mary and Edd. Your grandmother just loves you to pieces. She can’t wait to take you out of the car seat the absolute second we walk in the door. You are a very loved little boy and that will never change. You have a special place in every one's hearts that cannot be replaced- especially mine.  

1.16.12 First day back at work. I only cried halfway there. That’s pretty good. I thought I wouldn’t do so well. But I was definitely glad Dad took you to Grandma Jones’. THAT I would not have been able to handle. I could leave with you still asleep at home but I don’t think I would have done well dropping you off. Work actually went well and pretty fast. You didn’t seem to mind playing at Grandma’s. And better yet it was Martin Luther King Jr day. Meaning Andrew, Gregg and Carissa were home all day. Austin even stopped by as did Grandpa; they HAD to just come say hi. I was ready by the end of the day to see you. I missed you. When I got there you were sound asleep in your swing. I wanted to wake you but I was good and let you sleep instead. It was hard though.

1.17.12 I am only working Mondays for the next 2 weeks to get my feet wet again so we got to play all day! Well, more like hang out. We were lazy today. I love that. One day it will be gone so I will just enjoy it while I’ve got it. One thing I have been meaning to write about is the how excited you get when it’s time to eat. Holy smokes you get soooo excited when you see that bottle and then when I put the burp rag under your chin you start smacking those lips SOOOO loud and fast accompanied by those kicking legs. You squirm with anticipation until that bottle reaches your lips. Then it’s relaxation time. You are just content. All your little quirks are adorable.

1.18.12 It FINALLY snowed this year! We woke up to a winter wonderland. I have to tell you. Last night I decided to catch up on this year’s season of “The Bachelor.” You AND your dad watched it with me. You literally sat down and watched the screen with me. It was hilarious. You only lasted for about 30 minutes of it and went to bed. Dad on the other hand watched all 3 episodes. Yes, it’s true. He watched them until 1:00am with me. What a good husband right? We had fun laughing at how silly girls are (one day you will think so too). You are also on this hand-sucking kick right now. Instead of thumb sucking, you ball up your fist really tight and suck on the back of your hand and first knuckle. It’s hilarious how hard you suck in an attempt to get something out.

1.19.12 We spent a good portion of our day today with your Grandma Mary. She had occupational therapy for her wrist downtown and we took her to her appointment and waited while she was seen. You draw so much positive attention! We played in the waiting room but I was amazed that not ONE person walked by without complimenting you. Either on how adorable or handsome you are, how well you behaved for such a lengthy period of time, how alert you were... the list goes on. After Grandma’s appointment we went to lunch at the Olive Garden and you did wonderfully seeing as you slept the whole time. :) You are also becoming so talkative. I truly love it. I will never tire of listening to your little noises and coos. One day I will miss them dearly.

1.20.12 The last few days I am starting to think your dad is right. He has always said you look like Uncle Gregg. I have always said you look like Uncle Andrew, but just this last little bit I would have to agree with him. You look more and more like Gregg everyday. Next week I start my full week at work so this afternoon we went to the Toyn’s house today to make sure your car seat fits okay in their van. I feel really good about you going there and you seem just ecstatic to have some playmates. I think you will really like it there.

1.21.12 This morning we went and watched Dad play in his church basketball game. He has fun playing... don’t tell him, but let’s hope you get your basketball talents from me :) It was fun to sit there with you because you were so occupied by everything that was going on. You REALLY loved when the next team and their families started showing up. You love chaos I have decided; that and people watching. The busier and louder the better. After that we all took a nap. And I mean ALL. The whole family including Jack and Lula fell asleep on the couch in the space of just 2 seat cushions. We all tend to do that sometimes.

1.22.12 You are on a new bubble blowing kick. You somehow manage to blow all these teeny tiny bubbles and let them sit on your lips. I have no ideas where you learned that one.

1.23.12 I went in to work for the second time today and it was easier than last week so that is good news. Meanwhile you went to Aunt Codi’s today and played. She loved having you there and she said the only time you cried and were fussy was when Uncle Austin held you. I kinda thought that was slightly humorous. Then tonight was family night at Grandma Rene’s assisted living home. We went and had sloppy joes and played Bingo. It was actually pretty fun. And you my dear, were in bed by 9:00pm which might I add is not a usual. Then you slept 7 hours again. I love it when you do that.

1.24.12 One of my favorite things is your little hands. It is so amazing to me how small they are. I love when you hold my hand when we are snuggling. I love to watch those little hands open and close around my fingers over and over again. I can’t describe it but I feel so important and loved in moments like that. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

1.25.12 You love me so unconditionally. It’s truly humbling. I cannot even fathom the words to describe to you how much I love you. I love being your mom. I love looking into those blue eyes of yours and smiling at you only to get an even bigger smile back. I love when you try to talk to me. We hold lots of conversations you and I. I just wish I could see the world from your eyes some days. To see everything so new and fresh would be so invigorating. I get just a little taste of it by watching you learn and discover all the things this world has to offer. Life doesn’t get any better than this.   

1.26.12 Mom went out on a girl’s night which left you home for a boy’s night with Dad. I think you both thoroughly enjoyed the experience seeing as you and Dad had a dance party in the kitchen, followed up with your bath. You wore your new pajamas that look like a pilot’s flight suit which naturally lead to zooming around the room like an airplane.

1.27.12 Do you know that the absolute BEST part about my day is? When you first wake up in the morning and greet me. There is nothing better than waking up to you grinning from ear to ear and genuinely happy to see me. It makes me feel so good. I LOVE that smile of yours. And you slept 8 hours last night. A new record.

1.28.12 Saturday is a special day, it’s a day to get ready for Sunday... We tackled chores big time. It was much needed. Tonight we went on a dinner date to Chipotle and followed that up with dessert at Kneaders. Yum.


1.30.12 It’s my official start week back at work with my new schedule workof Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. It surprisingly has not been as hard for me to go back as I was anticipating but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you like crazy. When I called to check on you Grandma told me that Grandpa held you from the moment you arrived until the last possible moment before he had to go to work. Then he timed his lunch around your nap so he could come home to play with you. They love you and so do I.

1.31.12 I am going to hate Tuesdays. Today is a Tuesday. And I am not a fan. It was such a long day! It’s my full day at work each week and by the time I get off work and pick you up from daycare it’s SOO late and you go to bed 2 hours later. It’s depressing. I REALLY missed you today. BUT on a positive note, it was your first day at the Stephanie Toyn’s house. YOU. LOVED. IT. Steph said you did so well with your naps and eating and her kids loved having you there. Let me tell you it is such a relief to hear that and know you are in such good hands. That I am very grateful for.

2.1.12 You slept SOOO well last night! You were pooped after your fun day yesterday and were not only in bed by 8:00pm but we only got up once all night! I was so proud of you! Then you and I were up and at ‘em by 7:30am and ready to tackle the day. You even took a nap in your crib! It’s been a little while since you napped there. I felt like it was a very successful day in regards to solidifying a schedule. SUCCESS! This afternoon you and I were working on phase 1 of Dad’s Valentines while watching a movie and you were totally watching it with me. It’s funny to see you so interested in something on TV. 3 months {almost} and going on 3 years.

2.2.12 We had a busy night. We had a surprise birthday party for Grandma Cole at Flying Pie Pizza. You and I went and picked up family from the airport and you got to meet some of your great aunts and uncles for the first time. It was quite the gathering and we had a lot of fun with everyone. It’s been such a long time since everyone was all together like that.

2.3.12 I had the day off today! It was slow at work so I was able to stay home and play with you which is a much better alternative in my opinion. You are really starting to show your facial expressions and vocalizing your thoughts. I love to listen to those perfect baby sounds. Tonight was another surprise party for your Great Grandpa Jones. Always interesting with that side of the family...

2.4.12 Fair warning: this post may be TMI... You gave me a laugh out loud moment today. Oh my goodness. We were watching a movie this morning and you were also playing on your play mat. I look over to see you not only clenching those fists tightly like you do, but your nostrils were white from flaring them. Then all of the sudden a miniature bomb went off in your pants. It was quick and powerful and after it was over you were so happy with a big ol’ grin on your face. I was laughing so hard! Aunt Carissa came home for the weekend and she came to visit. She can’t believe how big you have gotten already. She really hates not being around to be more involved but we love it when she comes home.

2.5.12 It is a slow weekend for us because you and Dad are sick. The cold has come to visit and there is a lot of sleeping happening around here. And I must say you are a happy little guy for not feeling too great. You are content if you are being held and snuggled. And today is also Superbowl Sunday so another first for you.

2.6.12 I was nervous to leave you today. You have been feeling MUCH better but I wanted to be there for you all the same. Grandma did a great job though. When I got to Grandma’s to pick you up you were fast asleep and snuggling with Hannah on the couch. I was so happy to see you. I really miss you while I am at work. I’m just glad we have so much love and support to make it easier.

2.7.12 Tuesday again. The best part about my day is picking you from daycare. I LOVE seeing you after a long day. There is no better feeling than heading home to Dad with you in the backseat.

2.8.12 3 months today. It has gone so fast. You slept 9 hours last night too! What a great way to kick off another month. I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me. I will never be able to put into words how hard it is to sneak into your room and kiss you goodbye on days I go to work. I hate not being able to start the day with one of your contagious smiles. You are the reason I get up each day. I can’t imagine a life without you or your father. Some things I always want to remember:
How much you LOVE your baths. It’s some of my favorite one-on-one time with you.

That adorable smile first thing in the morning. Absolute BEST way to start the day.
The gratifying feeling of success as you learn. Like how to put yourself to sleep for naps and at night, sleeping for long hours and even through the night and discovering new things like how useful your hands are. Simple, but gratifying.

Our bond as mother and son. I love that you know your mama. I feel so proud when you instantly know it’s me. There is just something about being so important and loved by someone so small. You know my voice and respond to it with such trust. It’s a beautiful feeling.

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