Thursday, February 16, 2012

14 Days of Valentines

Oh Valentine's Day. What an interesting holiday. You either love it or hate it. Am I right? There is just no fence sitting with this one. Well, I happen to love Valentine's Day. And this year I was determined to make it a memorable one. {I actually have a new resolution to make ALL holidays memorable and fun ones.} Adam has what he likes to call THE 14 DAYS OF VALENTINES. Basically, this is a fun way to show your love each day up until Valentines. Each day you do something special to tell your lover how much you love them. I hid these in all sorts of places for him to find and Adam loved every minute of it. He has attempted to do this every year for me... So this year I was determined to REALLY show him what these 14 days are all about. So as I was searching for inspiration on ways to go about accomplishing this I discovered this is not a foreign idea to the internet. There are lots of good ideas out there people. But here is what I came up with to show my valentine how much he means to me. 

Heart Attack! The weather was wet and since that was the case I had to decorate the garage door instead of Adam's car at work. I was really hoping for that public display. I would have loved to see him drive down Eagle Road with a car littered in paper hearts.  
A mug with a picture of Dax and I so show off at work.

Shower crayons. A fun way to start the day with notes and games on the shower walls. Don't worry, I only took pictures of the appropriate ones for the sake of y'all. 

{The best part was Adam's response back. It was a fun little banter we had going on and I had to laugh out loud to some of his drawings and remarks.}

Treasure Hunt. Adam came home to a treasure map complete with pirate dialogue and clues to a hidden buried treasure.

A love letter out of conversation hearts.

Getting ready to a bathroom littered with pick-up lines. You know, start the day full of compliments. 

A message in a bottle.  

Lucky boy got golden tickets.... {the template can be found HERE}
DAY 10 
Ways to say "I Love You" in ten different languages.

DAY 11
Homemade lottery tickets.... {how to instructions can be found HERE}

DAY 13
13 reasons why I love him.

DAY 14 
A good old home cooked meal with sparkling cider and candlelight.... okay somehow life got busy and we ended up with just the dinner part :]

Some of you are probably really good counters and noticed that I missed 2 days. I pride myself on the fact I did as well as I did but yes, I got behind the ball twice. And trust me ADAM NOTICED. He was so cute as he bashfully asked if he missed something that day because he looked so hard to find his valentine but couldn't.

I love you Adam. And this year was special because I had TWO valentines. I'm such a lucky girl. 


  1. gah that turned out so cute!!! remind me to do this next year... it actually makes the holiday worth it drawing it out so long :) love it! you did awesome Jess!

  2. I am so doing this next year! Good wife award goes to you!