Thursday, March 8, 2012

4 Months

I have a 4 month old in my house. I can't believe it. Daxton is surpassing so many milestones. I only hope I am documenting them enough. I know one day I will probably end up looking back and wishing I would have done more. Daxton is the most adorable and lovable little human being on the entire planet {that may or may not be biased- but I am entitled to be, right?} I love being a mom. 

I have to pause this post and give a little shout out to my dear friend, Rachel. She is a super mom and I have always wanted to be just like her. She is my inspiration and the one who gave me the idea to keep a daily journal like this. I would be so sad if I hadn't written some of this stuff down. Thanks Rach.

2.9.12 Today was our first time shopping. And I don’t mean grocery shopping, but shopping. You didn’t seem to mind one bit. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure how long you would last but you did great and I was able to find a new outfit. I was pretty pleased. I know it might sound silly but we are really getting this. I feel like a real mom. Little successes like that make me feel really good. One day you will understand.

2.10.12  The Botkins came to play with us today. I didn’t have to work so we all went thrift shopping at the DI. I haven’t been there forever. I got so excited when I found you some more books. You have so many books... but I just can’t seem to stop buying them. I love to read and I loved books as a kid. And I want you to have that same love. We totally scored on some Little Critter and Dr Seuss books. You LOVE Dr Seuss books they are your favorite.

2.11.12 Like I said yesterday you love Dr Seuss books. And I mean LOVE. Your favorite book by a landslide is Fox in Box. It’s a tongue twister book and you just love to look at the pictures while Dad and I try to say them as fast as we can without messing up. Little discoveries like these ones make me so happy. I love getting to know more and more about you every day.

2.12.12 Baby Austin was blessed today in our ward and afterwards we went over to his house. It was fun to finally see you two awake at the same time. You both are on opposite schedules so I never see him when I come to pick you up from daycare. We weren’t able to go over to your Grandparents house for dinner tonight because Grandma Linda was sick. So Grandpa came to our house to visit instead. It’s really fun to watch him interact with you.

2.13.12 Monday. Aka spoil-Daxton-with-grandparent-love-day. You went out to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa at the mall. They sent me a picture and you were so happy; giggling and cooing away. They love having you as a grandson.

2.14.12 Happy 1st Valentine’s Day! I love that I have not only one, but TWO valentines this year. I am such a lucky girl. But I will say I shared you as a valentine too. You sent flowers and a card to Amber at work. She. Ate. It. Up. And so did most of the girls at the office. Your card said, “Happy Valentines Day! Amber, I like you. Do you like me?” Yes or No, Love Daxton. AND you got a valentine in the mail from Nora. I thought that was the cutest thing ever. She is not only a cute little one year old, BUT more importantly an older woman :) Way to go.

2.15.12 You talk SOOO much and I love it. You will just sit and make those little noises and coo and babble on and on. It’s seriously the best sound. And you really get going if it’s a conversation between you and me. And that makes me feel like the most important person in the whole world.

2.16.12 We had a baby shower to go to tonight. I got a kick out of it because all the little old neighbor ladies that came and stopped by thought you were the baby of the hour. Only the PREGNANT host was sitting across the room. But everyone loves having a new baby around. People just can’t get enough and want a turn to hold you.

2.17.12 TGIF! After I picked you up from daycare YOU WERE POOPED. We went and ran some errands and you slept for 3 ½ hours! I couldn’t believe how totally exhausted you were!

2.18.12 We had a surprise birthday party for Grandpa today. You were our secret weapon while we all prepared for it. All the girls “went shopping” so Grandpa was babysitting. The ploy worked because he was completely infatuated with just hanging out with you. For heaven’s sake Grandpa went and showed you off to the neighbors! You performed your roll perfectly :) But he still totally knew we were all up to something.

2.19.12 We went to a farewell today for Braden Brown. Grandpa Jones was conducting some stake business on the stand so he got to watch and observe our big, growing family. After the meeting he came up to Dad with tears in his eyes and told your dad how thankful he was for his influence on our family. Grandpa said how much he appreciated all that he does for you and I as well as the example he sets for everyone. That meant a lot to not only Dad but to me. And for the whole hour during sacrament meeting you got passed back and forth amongst all your aunts and uncles. They adore you more than you will ever know. You have a very special place in our family and you have no idea the impact your birth has had on everyone. We have a great family.

2.20.12 Tonight we celebrated Grandpa Jones’ 50th birthday at El Gallo Girl Mexican restaurant in Kuna. Dad loves it there. You were such a happy little guy and were total heaven with all the chaos and hustle and bustle of an actual busy restaurant. You really loved it when the waiters would come out and sing happy birthday and make lots of noise and use their instruments. You were so curious and in awe. Then when it was Grandpa’s turn to get sung to, I wasn’t paying attention and was occupied talking to you in my lap. The crew came up behind me and oh my goodness. When they started singing I jumped so high in my chair and scared you half to death. I felt terrible because I don’t think you would have even flinched if I hadn’t. Sorry Bubba.

2.21.12 You are totally teething already. I noticed a while ago that your gums are swollen and white in some areas- like a tooth is just underneath the surface. But I was kept thinking it was just too early. But you have become a slobber king just in the last little bit, been really stuffy, fussy at times (really unusual for you) and LOVE to have my finger in your mouth rubbing your gums. Yep, you’re teething. So we will see if they decide to stay or just give us a peek and go back down. Another things to note is that we moved you up to the bigger bottles because you are eating a lot more. They look HUGE compared to the others. Only more proof that you are growing too fast.

2.22.12 I love Wednesdays. I look forward to them. Wednesday is just you and me. All. DAY. LONG. And even better, we get to do the same thing tomorrow.

2.23.12 We are on an oil changing kick at our house. Yesterday and today we took both of our cars in and you and I hung out at the shop and waited.

2.24.12 I feel like the worst mother on the entire planet Earth. Dad and I went on a group dinner date with our ward as an activity night and you went to Grandma Mary's... let's just say it was not a good experience. I'm pretty sure you cried the whole time. Poor Grandma she felt terrible and I only wish your first outing with her would have gone better.

2.25.12 We had a fun afternoon you and I. We went to Kelsey’s baby shower for little Mackenna. It was the cutest shower I have EVER been to hands down. You loved it. There were so many people and so much noise. {Stephanie even says the same thing about you. You sleep better at her house around all the noise from the other kids.} Tonight we took dinner to my family and had a BBQ with everyone which was really fun. Carissa is home because it’s Braden’s last weekend before he leaves on his mission and we love having her home. My new favorite picture of you was taken tonight. We set you on your Bronco rocking horse and your little face is just priceless. You are growing so fast.                   

2.26.12 I had an interview before church this morning so you and Dad were on your own. Then again he that is also the case 3 days a week when I have to work and he is getting good at the whole process. You have such an amazing father. He works so hard for us and us loves you so much. We are lucky.

2.27.12 Bath time is a special time at our house. I LOVE bath time. You LOVE bath time. It’s fun because you get more and more adventurous every time. We have a small tub just for you and it has an octopus and toys that hang above the tub while you bathe. The most recent discovery- splashing. You are learning to kick and splash with your feet and it is so exciting for you. The only part you hate about the whole experience is having to get out; especially that first moment when the cold hits you. We BOTH hate that.

2.28.12 When you get tired one of two things happen. 1: You grasp your hands together and then proceed to suck on your hands. Followed by the eye rubbing with your hands still grasped. or 2: You start to get fussy from exhaustion yet you somehow manage to fight going to sleep. Which can be comical. For instance, if you are doing the later I will snuggle you up, give you a pacifier and rock you. Your eyes get SOOO heavy and your try so hard to keep them open. During which you protest only by sucking the dickens out of that pacifier but try to vocalize yourself at the same time through this humming/mumbling kind of sound. In end you finally give in and just fall asleep. And that part is the most adorable one.

2.29.12 We were so productive today with all our errands we needed to run. We even went and had lunch with Grandpa Glenn at the mall. He was so excited to see you coming through the door at work. And I think you were only in your car seat for a few minutes before he had you out and was carrying you around like a golden trophy. He loves you so much and loves being your Grandpa. You should have seen him at lunch when he ran into people he knew. Anyone who would listen was getting the proud Grandpa speech. We are lucky to have such a great family. And then later Grandma Mary stopped by. She was in the area visiting patients and she just HAD to see you. You are loved more than you may ever know.

3.1.12 We ventured our way to the grocery store today... that was a mistake. It’s the first of the month so it was a total zoo. It took us a lot longer than normal to venture through the store {especially without Dad as backup}. I took you in your carrier instead of your car seat and you loved that... until about halfway through the store. Then we were BOTH hungry, tired and more and ready to get out of there! But I was pretty proud how we did it by ourselves in such craziness. We are a good pair you and I.

3.2.12 I don’t think I have told you about how ticklish you are. Oh my goodness. ESPECIALLY those little feet! You curl your toes and pull them back so fast when they are tickled. When I try to rub your back you squirm like crazy. You haven’t entirely figured out what to make of being tickled- which makes for another laugh. Sometimes the face you make is just priceless. Tonight after I got you all ready for bed we were just sitting on the couch snuggling and you would not stop watching me. It sounds a little silly to write it down but you and I sat on that couch and just looked in each other’s eyes. Neither one of us was making any sound but we just starred. I had such an overwhelming feeling of love for you come over me. I can’t even begin to describe to you how much I love you. You are one of my greatest blessings and nothing makes me happier than being your mom.

3.3.12 Aunt Lori is in town and this afternoon you and Dad had some boy time while Linda, Lori and I went out to lunch and did some shopping. Dad is amazing. He loves spending time with you. He just cannot wait to teach you everything he knows about sports- especially football. He can’t wait to teach and show you everything there is know about life. -Speaking of Dad, I was playing a message on my phone and it was on speaker. You were sitting with me and when you heard Dad’s voice you started looking around the room trying to find him. Dad was at work. My heart melted. It’s one thing when you know he’s already in the room but I loved how quickly and adoringly you responded to the simple sound of his voice. Life is sweet.

3.4.12 We both took a bath this morning. Only this time you got the royal treatment and took a bath with me in the big tub. We BOTH loved it. You almost fell asleep you were so relaxed. It was a fun bonding experience for me. ANd Dad decided to introduce you to the Baby Einstein videos. You both were sitting on the couch after your bottle and he pulled out his phone and loaded a video on it. We already know you will watch TV but it was pretty hilarious to see you watching that small screen with such an intrigued look on  your face. It was probably even more funny to see Dad with a matching expression. I love you boys.

3.5.12 Oh boy was tonight exciting. You were in a house full of women this evening. We decided to have a girl’s night at our house for The Bachelor: Women Tell All {yes, you read that correctly} and it. was. a. full. house. We had such a great time! There was bubbly and pizza and cookies and dessert pizza and guacamole... we went all out for a night of bashing and gossip. Dad even participated and was the best little server/host EVER. He literally took it upon himself to serve and cater to all us women in the house. {He loves me.} You just loved all the extra noise and chaos at the house with so many people and extra dogs running around everywhere. And you were so tired by 8:00 pm that you fell right asleep in my arms and went to bed without a single peep. I think it was one of the easiest times you have ever gone down.

3.6.12 Dad was a  part of history today. He was at the first-ever Idaho Republican presidential caucus tonight.  After I picked you up from daycare we were going to try to make it for a least a little while but we ran out of time. So instead you and I enjoyed our quiet evening at home. You got your favorite bath and I got to read a book after you went to sleep. I would say a pretty good evening. I love having that one-on-one time with you. And Stephanie said you were a monster eater today. You ate every hour-hour and half instead of every 3 hours! Can you say growth spurt?

3.7.12 I love Wednesdays. I am updating this journal and I can hear you waking up from your nap in the other room. I LOVE all your little noises. You are in your crib just talking to yourself and happy as a clam. I need to record these sounds so I never forget. I love all 13 pounds of you to pieces.


  1. Thanks for the shout out dear friend! YOU are the super mom here!! i'm soon to be crazy, non-showered, messy house, mom of 2... By the way, really cute new blog!!!

  2. Thanks Rach! I'm serious you will totally ROCK it. You're amazing and shower or no shower you are still b-e-a-u-tiful :)