Saturday, April 14, 2012

5 months

3.10.12 We had a great start to our Saturday today. All because you slept in until 8:45 am! You are usually up by 7:00 or 7:30 at the latest, so it was a real treat. Tucker invited Dad to come play in his church basketball game with him so we went and hung out with Michelle and the kids while we watched them play. You loved all the noise and chaos as usual. I always wonder what that will mean for the future.

3.11.12 Three words: first. official. blowout. Oh my goodness. Funny story  but maybe a little TMI. We were hanging out in the mother’s room at church and one of the ladies came in to change her son’s blowout. So we got on the topic and I was bragging away about how lucky we were that we haven’t had one at our house yet... oops. Not even 5 minutes later that became a lie. It was so bad that you and I left church early to get you home and bathed. Yeah, should have never opened my mouth.

3.12.13 Can I just tell you how much you LOVE to have your head scratched and rubbed? It is hilarious the little face you make when someone scratches your head. {It’s also your favorite part about your bath.} I finally got in on video. The second those fingertips hit your head you get this cheesy, half smile and your eyes go all googly. Then the instant it stops, so does your grin. I laugh out loud when we play this little game with my fingers off then on, over and over again as I watch your face switch back and forth. It is the cutest thing ever.... and sooo funny. :)

3.13.12 Have a mentioned how much I hate Tuesdays. Today was no exception. I worked all day then got out late so Dad picked you up AND I had enrichment tonight. So for the whole 5 minutes I was home I only held you for 2 then had to leave. I was so sad to come home and you were already in bed. So depressing. I don’t know how Dad does it some days. There is NO WAY I could do that everyday. I am so blessed to only work part-time and that I get to be home with you most days.

3.14.12 I was so excited to see you after yesterday that I was all but running to your room when you woke up this morning. And new first today! While you were waiting for me to get your bottle ready instead of sucking on your hand it was your THUMB! I attempted to take your picture but it is more blurry than anything. I was a thumb-sucker so I think I got a little excited. One of your quirks I don’t think I have mentioned yet is when you are tired you are TIRED. {I am the same way there.} And when you are tired one of your cues is rubbing your eyes, your face and your head--> sometimes this isn’t a good thing though because your little nails tend to scratch.

3.15.12 4 month pediatrician visit today... aka shots. After learning from last time I gave you Tylenol before hand and that made a WORLD of a difference! But when it wore off it was clearly obvious. You were so tender and fussy that you all but collapsed in my arms and slept for 2 hours. So needless to say Tylenol was our best friend. But overall your visit went really well and you look so good. Dr Kissam was impressed with how strong you were. And drum roll please... you are officially in the 2% for your height! You grew :) Here is the breakdown: weight 12.9 lbs (5%), height 23 ¼ inches (2%) and head circumference 40 cm (10%). The only thing of concern was how you tend to favor laying on the right side of your head which has started to create a flat spot . So we need work on that or else you get to wear a helmet :/

3.16.12 I had to laugh at you the other night when I heard you up in the middle of the night. Let’s just say you pulled a Houdini move... We still swaddle you when you sleep. {You sleep better due to the fact that you rub your eyes and such when you are tired. Which in turn wakes you up.} Anyways, I had to laugh because when I looked in your crib you had shimmied out of your swaddle and were sucking on your hands content as could be. But the second you saw me I got this mischievous little grin that said, “Haha, um hi Mom. Soooo I’m up. Oops.”
3.17.12 I love when you stretch. And you LOVE to stretch. I don’t think there has ever been a time that you haven’t stretched the second we unswaddle you after sleeping. It’s one of the most adorable things you do on a daily basis. You literally look like a man the way you do it too. Just the way you ball your fists and stretch your arms as high as you can above your head and move your head from side to side in an attempt to wake up. I love it. Then when I pick you up to continue to stretch like that only you add in a leg stretch by bringing them up as close as you can to your chest. It. is. adorable.

3.18.12  You are not only a little jabber-box and talk almost all day long but you are now adding in new sounds and noises to your routine. Let me introduce growling and yelling. They make anyone who hears them laugh out loud. Growling is your favorite. But when you REALLY want to hear yourself you raise the volume up and it becomes a full fledged yell. I have a feeling you are going to be like your dad in the fact that you love being the center of attention and don’t mind making your opinions known. Which might I add is not a bad thing.

3.19.12 I had a new discovery today. You do not like frosted flakes. Well, more or less the sound of them being poured from the bag into a bowl. It was the first time I have ever had you get scarred by a sound enough to cry as soon as you heard it. I felt terrible and snuggled you right up and calmed you down. But I had to laugh only because of how purely innocent the situation was. It caught us both by total surprise.

3.20.12 I cannot stress enough how much you love taking baths. So instead I caught it on video. You have slowly gotten more adventurous with your splashes but today was crazy. I was even getting splashed! You have graduated from leg kicks to arm AND leg kicks and now you are on to moving your ENTIRE body to splash. It’s your own little wiggle/kicking/splashing cannonball. You forget I am even there you love it so much. So needless to say, bath-time is getting longer and longer because I just can’t bring myself to end your pure love of splashing.

3.21.12 Spring is just around the corner and we both cannot wait. I have determined you love being outside just as much as I do. We went with my cousin Sireena and her kids to the train depot and attempted to work on Mom’s photography skills {I still need A LOT of work}. But the weather was perfect aside from the wind and you were just content as can be hanging out in the stroller. You were even content with your little photography session.

3.22.12 We had so much to do to get ready for out trip tomorrow... and we got none of it done. Instead you and I played ALL DAY LONG. Which is still productive in my opinion; it will just make tomorrow that much crazier. And you had 2 more firsts today! We started “attempting” to introduce solids- which was more comical than anything. But the most exciting part about today was YOU LAUGHED FOR THE FIRST TIME! I was tickling your chubby little cheeks with your feet when you did it. I caught the very end of it on film but it doesn’t do it justice. It was a full fledged laugh and I loved it. Now if only I can get you to do that everyday...

3.23.12 Oh my crazy day. After work it was a mad dash to get everything packed and ready for out trip to the Oregon Coast. Beside the fact that I LOATHE packing, between you and I there was so much stuff for just a few days! BUT we are set for anything :) We left after Dad got home from work and only drove half way tonight and stayed in The Dalles. It was a little comical to see our little family plus Gregg, Andrew, Grandma and Grandpa all crammed in hotel for the night. Andrew slept in the bathtub for crying out loud! I love our family.

3.24.12 Your first night in a hotel was a success! You are loving all the attention from having so many people at your disposal. I have a feeling you will be spoiled rotten this weekend. When we reached the Coast and got settled it was a mad dash for the ocean. Lucky for us the beach house was just a block away from the beach. Despite all the wind it was a beautiful day and you LOVED running around with Dad exploring. It was really fun for me to just sit back and take pictures of you two. It was one of those moments that every wife and mother loves. We went to the restaurant Mo’s that night- which you enjoyed solely for the fact of all hustle and bustle and noise.

3.25.12 It got really cold in the beach house last night so instead of sleeping in the pack and play you slept in the big old king sized bed with Dad and I. Lucky boy. Then we spoiled you even more when you got to SHOWER before church. Another first for you. It was pretty comical to watch your face; it was so new to you at first but once you got the hang of it you were in heaven! After church we went to Astoria. We climbed Astoria tower and threw wooden airplanes off the balcony, saw the Goonie house and went on what your dad has dubbed “the goonie adventure,” {He’s even making a movie from the trip.} and completed the day with a ship wreck on the beach and exploring an old WWII bunker. You were pooped by the end of the day.

3.26.12 By far the most beautiful day of our trip. We have really lucked out with good weather but it was sunny and warm and not even a breeze for a good portion of it. We went crabbing with the Farmer family right at the mouth of the ocean where the river meets. We mostly watched Gregg and Andrew do the work since it required wadding and swimming in the freezing water... so instead I snuggled you on the beach while you napped. Not a bad way to spend the day.

3.27.12 Longest day of the trip thanks to the trek home... 14 hours later we made it. I have to say you were so good in the car for having to ride in a car seat all day. I felt so bad every time we had to put you back in your seat after getting out. You really didn’t protest too much but I wouldn’t have blamed you if you cried the whole way home. It was a long day for all of us and traffic was terrible- it took us 2 hours to get through a stretch that normally would have taken 20 minutes because of a car accident. The only really eventful part of the day was getting to eat lunch with our friends in Portland.

3.28.12 Dad taught you how to blow raspberries. He admits he is starting to regret it. You LOVE to make that silly sound. And you do it ALL THE TIME and NON-STOP. I about die when you get going on a roll and there is just no stopping you. I took a video while we were in Astoria and I laugh every time I see it. I love you.

3.29.12 First successful feeding with cereal! It took us a little while to get the hang of it but once I figured out the best consistency for you it was a success. It amazes me how fast you can gobble it down when you want to.

3.30.12 You are getting so strong. Tummy time is still not your favorite but you are trying to sit up more and more. You can sit really well supported and love to sit on Dad and I’s lap because you seem to be able to balance and support yourself the best there.



4.2.12 Tonight was the NCAA March Madness basketball championship and we had a party at the Pence’s. It was so fun to see our friends and Baby Kenna. She is getting so big!


4.4.12 I only have one word to describe today. BUSY. We had Layla and Elia come play today and we had so much fun. It was a definite learning experience for us- okay well mostly me. I learned a lot about myself and about what it takes to be super mom. You were a champ as always, very patient and willing to take your turn. I love that you are so easy going {most of the time} and you got most of that personality trait from your Dad.

4.5.12 After our busy day yesterday it was fun to have our one-on-one time. It made me realize even more how precious this time really is and I don’t want to miss any of it. Time has gone so fast and I can’t believe you are going to be 5 months already! So as much as I wish I was better about getting things done around the house and crossing items off my checklist, I am learning it is okay for stuff to wait. You come first. Always.

4.6.12 Love us some Friday :) Only down-side to it was that your teeth are coming in making you uncomfortable and on the fussy side. Thank goodness for numbing cream; it has certainly come in handy. But your poor gums! If you look at them you can see how swollen they are and all the indents from the little teeth buried underneath your gums. I have a feeling you will get several at once. It could be a bumpy ride.

4.7.12 Errand day. We did a little shopping and I am pretty sure you were the only one to come away with the goods. You are really starting to teethe now and we had to make sure to get you some new teething rings. And lucky Dad, he got to curb his landscaping itch a little with a trip to Lowe’s and came home to plant our flower garden out front. And you had another first today! You had your first serving of actual baby food which was hilarious. I think I ended up with a few green beans in my hair by the end of it but you were so funny spitting and making raspberries. We were messy and needed a bath afterwards but all-in-all a success!

4.8.12 Happy first Easter and 5 months! I was a little silly and made your Easter outfit last night {talk about procrastination}. It was a onesie complete with bow-tie and vest with matching shoes. But you looked adorable and I have to say I think you were the best dressed little man at church today. We stopped by Grandpa and Grandma Doss’ and got our Easter baskets then headed over to my parents for dinner and games. Grandpa LOVES you. I swear he forgets I am even there at all. You two just kind of disappear. For example, tonight he took you with him to go and return a movie. Well, a half hour rolls by and we haven’t seen both of you. So I call Grandpa and ask where you guys are. The reply: “Oh, we’re in the driveway; just talking.” Haha. Really? He loves being a grandpa and you just love his affection. But I have to say best part about my day was watching you and Dad take a nap. He laid down on the couch to watch “Cars 2” with you and within about 2 minutes you both were o.u.t. Lula then came up and snuggled in with the both of you making it quite a site. It may seem like a waste of time to simply sit and watch the two of you sleep but I can’t help it. My whole world was on that couch this afternoon.

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