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11.8.2011 adam's version

Adam finished Daxton's birth story and I just can't help but share. He's such a good Dad...

Daxton James Doss
Your Birthing Story

I remember waking up on 11/8/2011 not thinking this was going to be the day. I went to work just like I do every other day. I was getting a lot of phone calls from the IA show  in California where I was supposed to be. Baseline, the company I was working for at the time, decided to let me stay home because it was getting close to your due date. All day I thought about you. I thought a lot about your name. You were going to be called Hudson Doran Doss.
Hudson was the name that your mother really liked. She liked it for a very long time. There were many months where I did as well. Doran is the first name of your great grandfather and the name of one of the greatest individuals I know. I always wanted to name my first born son after him. I thought that it would be special for you to bear his name. Your mother had second thoughts about that because Doran is kind of an old name and not well known anymore.
The night before you were born your mother and I had a good conversation where I told her that I was at the point where I would let her name you anything but Hudson. It did not feel right to me and I was desperate. Back at work the name Daxton kept on popping back into my mind. The problem with that was the middle name of Doran. Daxton Doran Doss did not sound or feel right. Jessica and I always liked the middle name James. I wrote it out for the first time ever. Daxton James Doss! I liked it… I liked it a lot. I sent a picture to your mom and she said we will see. I secretly think you liked it as well and decided it was time to be born so she did not have time to think of any other crazy names like Seven or Bob.
Throughout the day I kept on asking Jessica how she felt. She commented that she was fine and not to worry. I mean your mother went to work the day you were born! That is how tuff she is. After work we decided to run and get a few last things that we found out we needed before you were born. We had everything you could imagine but socks and sweat pants. I mean what athlete does not have good socks and some nice comfy sweat pants? We went to about 4 stores that night and even had a pizza in the car sitting outside the parking lot of Carter’s.
Your mom was having contractions for most of the night. The funny thing about them is they were not consistent like everyone told us they would be. I remember she went to the bathroom out at the outlet mall and I was thinking she definitely had the baby-is-coming-waddle going on.  There were times that night where she had to stop walking for a second why the contractions passed.
On the ride home we were laughing and talking mostly about you. We were really excited because our doctor told us on my birthday that you would be coming early. When I pulled into the garage I do not think your mother nor did I know what was going to happen. I jumped out of the truck like I always do to get our bags. I was unloading them when I heard your mother let out a happy scream. She yelled, “I think my water just broke!” as her pants looked wet. My reply… No you are okay you probably just peed your pants.
She showed me her pants and the wet floor and I knew it was go time. Your mother went into the bathroom and began calling her parents. I went into freak out mode and started running all over the house grabbing everything we would need for the next few days at the hospital. To be honest I am not sure what time it was and I do not remember what I was thinking. I was just running around the house making sure I had everything my family would need.
Your mom was really happy as we drove to the hospital. She was laughing and talking like normal. When she called Dr. Z to tell her that her water just broke and that we were on the way to the hospital she was smiling the whole time. Dr. Z was amazed and said based on the fact that mom was not screaming in pain she would see us in the morning.
Your mother and I were extremely excited and had many moments where no words were spoken but we could not stop smiling and looking at each other. When we arrived to the hospital to no surprise your Grandma and Grandpa Jones were already there. We grabbed our stuff and headed into the hospital.
It was always your mother’s fear that she would be sent home from the hospital for showing up to early. She did not want to be one of those girls who were told that their water did not break but they really just peed their pants. So as the door swung open to labor and delivery she yelled, “Either my water just broke or I peed my pants.” Right after that all the nurses started laughing and one came running to help us. Her name was Meagan and she was a huge help to your mother and I for the entire night. When you got to the room they had you change and began to hook you up to a heart monitoring machine. Meagan checked to see how far along you were and you mother was dilated to a 3. I asked if we got to stay and she gave me the thumbs up and said yes!
Over the next couple of hours your other grandparents arrived and we set around talking and watching your mother. I made one joke and quickly learned that it should be my last joke of the night. During those couple of hours your mother’s contractions got harder and harder for her as her body prepared to bring you into this world. There was a moment I looked into her eyes and I could tell that she wanted family to leave. I went through the process of getting them out of the room and letting them know that I would call when it was go time.
When I returned to your mother’s side she was struggling with the pain. I could tell she was scared of not being able to handle it. However, I knew she could. I begged her to try walking with me, but she did not want to move. I kept on asking her to go for a walk with me when I came up with the idea for her to just walk around the room. She got up and started walking. This gave me the opportunity to get her walking in the halls of the hospital. We walked and walked for about 30 minutes and she requested that we go back to the room.
In the room Meagan asked to check her and she was amazed that your mom went from a 3 to a 6 in 30 minutes. Within an hour she was at a 10 and it was go time! I called all your grandparents as Dr. Z was called in to deliver our baby boy.
Your mom is a rock star!!! During your delivery she only pushed 4 times for a total of about 15 minutes. It was amazing watching her go through this special moment that is set apart as a true gift from God. In between contractions she was cracking jokes!!! Who does that? I still can remember seeing your head and then your face before you were quickly placed in your mother’s arms. I was asked to cut the cord and I did quickly because all I wanted to do was look at you and kiss your mother’s forehead. I was so excited to hold you for the first time. You were so cute and quiet looking up into my eyes. You were the most precious thing to me in the world.
I passed you on to your Grandma Jones who was in the room and headed to the waiting room to announce your birth. I did not know what to say when I got there so I just put my hands in the air and said it’s a boy!!! My parents were very proud and I could see my dad’s eyes swell up with happiness.
The next hour of your life consisted with you being passed around from grandparent to grandparent and also to your uncles Gregg and Andrew. Then came PAPARAZZI!!! Your Grandpa Jones probably took 1,000 pictures of you for the next 30 minutes or so. After everyone left it was just you, your mother and I alone in the room for the first time as a family. I could not have ever been happier in my life.
Meagan came in a couple minutes later and helped us get our things together to get you over to our hospital room. There we fed you and just looked at you while we held you tight. We placed you down to sleep because you were so tired. We lay down to sleep as well. During that time we had to wake you up every 2 hours to feed you. My favorite time was after you were done I got to put you to bed and make sure you feel asleep because your mom could not get out of the bed. Here is where I learned what unconditional love truly was. I held you in my arms and rocked you back and forth, back and forth. I could not help but feel so very blessed to have you in our lives. As I laid you down to sleep I always looked over at your mother sound asleep as I kissed her on the forehead each time whispering thank you…. Thank you.


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  1. Oh, so sweet! Adam has always had a tender heart, and now it has doubled since that sweet little boy came into this world. I could read birth stories all day. Makes me so happy and very excited for our special day. Thanks for sharing.