Wednesday, May 9, 2012

6 months

4.9.12 Well bud it’d just you and me. Dad will be on the road for work the next few days so we are on our own. We are so lucky to have him. I mean really. He is amazing. And the best part about that? You are going to be just like him.

4.10.12 You have become a grabbing machine. You apparently just decided as of Sunday that your hands are the greatest thing ever. I know this because you grab everything you can get those little hands on. It’s so fun to watch you learn and explore more and more each day. But I just am in such shock at how overnight this discovery has been for you.

4.11.12 What a day. I decided to take you in to your pediatrician for a check on your head and how your flat spot is doing.... Prognosis was a referral to see an orthodic practitioner for an evaluation on a helmet. I was afraid of that. So we have an appointment next week to see if you fit the criteria. I must admit I am sad and a little nervous. I REALLY don’t want you to have to have one. I also know that if you need it, you need it and I will always do what is best for you. On the fun side of today we went to GMa Cole’s house and hung out with her for a good portion of the afternoon. She doesn’t get enough time with you but man, did she have you laughing. I can’t even get you to react like that to peek-a-boo! And the best part about today....Dad is finally home from traveling! We love it when he is back.

4.12.12 Can you say errands? We had several places to run today and you were just content as can be to be out and about. Everytime I would run into a store I would take you out of your car seat instead of hauling it in. You thought that was fantastic. Especially when we went to the pet store for dog food. All the noise and colors and business was just great. You were looking from side to side so fast trying to take it all in. Next time we go and aren’t in such a hurry I will make a trip out of it and we’ll visit the fish section. You LOVE Grandma’s fish at her house and can just sit and watch them forever! We even hit the grocery store which is getting to be pretty easy for us. I just set you in your carrier and you love shopping, just kicking your feet in happiness throughout the whole store.  And the BEST part of the day was when we layed down on my bed for a nap. I was just singing you to sleep and somehow woke up a hour later snuggled up for turned into an accidental nap. Pure bliss.

4.13.12 Fridays are always a good day.  This afternoon I was sleepy and so we may or may not have snuggled up again and taken a nap together. I can’t describe to you how much I love that. And let’s be honest, you certainly don’t mind either. Our good friends the Leavitts came over for a BBQ. It was so good to see them again. We miss hanging out with them all the time.

4.14.12 What a day. We had another full house while I watched your second cousins. Then to contribute to our craziness, Dad had a trip to urgent care. He has kidney stones. Poor guy.

4.15.12 Happy Sunday! We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s ward today and they of course loved it as well as the rest of the ward. It was the first time you had been there so everyone was so excited to see you. We had a great afternoon just around the house and you had Dad and I laughing at your adorableness today. You found your toes. They were quite fascinating to you and it was to fun to watch you touch and look at each toe with such zest. Then for some icing on the cake you and Lula were sitting on Dad’s lap and you were reaching for her and petting her. At some point it looked like you were hugging Lula. I can’t even begin to describe to you how much you love that dog. She is your favorite. No matter your mood if she walks in the room you don’t even take your eyes off of her and you are happy as can be.

4.16.12 Grandma’s day. Finally. She has had to work the past 2 weeks so you haven’t been able to go to her house on Mondays. She was pretty excited to have you back. We had hamburgers at Austin and Codi’s tonight. But in between picking you up and heading over there you and I took a siesta on the couch together. I can’t even begin to describe to you how much I love snuggling up and taking a nap with you.

4.17.12 You have become quite the little eater. And I’ll be damned if you don’t try to sneak food right off my plate sometimes! Tonight you were introduced to squash. {Not my favorite, I probably haven’t had a squash since I was 8.} The processing and reaction that comes over your face when we introduce a new flavor is to fun to watch. Total confusion followed closely by an open mouth asking for more. It takes you a few minutes to decide your feelings but you have yet to turn down a meal.

4.18.12 You are soooo ticklish! I love to tickle you behind your ears because your reaction is hysterical. You do exactly what I do when I am tickled- curl your shoulders up as close to your head as possible to prevent further ticklings. You even scrunch up your little face trying to decided whether to laugh or not. I don’t think you have entirely figured out the sensation yet.

4.19.12 We went to an orthodics place for your helmet appointment. It was a total waste of time. Dad and I though we would be getting a lot of answers to our     questions and a definite yes-you-need-or no-you-don’t from said “specialist.” And we left feeling like we knew more going INTO the appointment and less when we left. So we will be getting a second opinion.

4.20.12 Grandpa Doss’ birthday! We will be celebrating his and my birthday tomorrow...

4.21.12 Grandma Jones’ birthday! AND Monthly Doss Family Breakfast! We ate a place called Jo Mamma’s in Eagle. Afterwards Grandma Jones and I went to go get pedicures for our birthdays and trust me when I say it was MUCH NEEDED. We had a fun afternoon with our own little family. Compete with summer clothes shopping and dinner at our favorite place... RED ROBIN. YUM!!! You were definitely the talk of the town though. Everyone just thought you were adorable in your little outfit, including me.

4.22.12 Ashley Erekson just came home from her mission to Cambodia. She is one of my best friends from school and she gave her homecoming talk today. So naturally we were in attendance. She did an amazing job and you did so well for the entire hour AND on the front row of all places. I was so proud. We have sooooo many birthdays in a 3 day span in our family it’s crazy! Tonight we had Grandma, Uncle Andrew’s and mine birthday dinner at Great Grandma Cole’s house. It was so fun to see some extended family and have dinner on the patio outside. Hooray for warm weather!

4.23.12 Andrew and I’s birthday! Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me... One day you will be able to sing to me. It was a pretty average day besides having dinner at your Grandma Mary’s. But when we came home you and your Dad had a surprise for me. There was of course flowers and then Dad set up a treasure hunt around the house with {drum roll please} Pez dispensers. Yes, you read that right. Pez. Let’s just say there is more to the story behind that but he totally made up for it with the notes to accompany each dispenser. Dad shared memories we have together and I was crying by the end of it. That was the BEST part about my birthday. I have such great boys to share it with.

4.24.12 We went to another ‘Family Night’ at Grandma Rene’s assisted living facility. We had a pretty good time and you were in the best mood. Grandma was holding you and getting so much attention for it. She really loves you and it’s so fun to observe her as she watches you. I can’t even begin to describe the look in her eyes but it goes beyond words. You are her only great grandchild and that is pretty special. Grandma Linda gave you some ice cream to try for the first time. And let me tell you, that was such a hit. You loved it!

4.25.12 You LOVE to touch faces and explore all that they entail. But your favorite is by far your Daddy. I don’t know if it’s the rough texture from his whiskers by the end of the day or simply because he’s your Dad, but you love it. I like to sit back and watch you two when you interact like that. They are some of my favorite and sweetest moments I treasure.

4.26.12 Mr Alan Miller is your new pediatrician. You and I went into see him for a second opinion on your helmet and we LOVE him. He has such great bedside manner and was great to simply just sit and talk with us. The end result of the appointment was to hold off and see how you do in the coming months and then reevaluate. Let me just say how reassuring that was to hear. I have really been having a hard time with this whole thing. I really don’t want to make you wear one of those terrible things if I don’t have to... But on a happier note, we had a lunch date with Grandpa Jones again. And just by chance your Great Grandma Hayes was right on time to join us. We love having lunch dates with Grandpa. He is probably your favorite person after Dad and I. I can’t even begin to describe how much love he has for you. He shared an ice cream cone with you.

4.27.12I have had to start supplementing with formula because I can’t really keep up with you anymore, which is okay and you don’t seem to mind. Between milk and food it’s amazing how much you can eat for such a small person. But that is a good thing. We went and visited Dad at work and you are always such a little celebrity. As soon as you come out of that car seat it’s game over. Dad went to the Father and Sons campout with our ward to help his scouts get their merit badges and you aren’t quite old enough to go yet. But next year. So instead we had a sleepover with the Grandparents. It was a late night for you. Too late. Scratch that, WAY TOO LATE. You normally go to bed between 8 and 9 but anything after that you almost hysterical because you are so tired. And tonight was no exception.

4.28.12 It’s Saturday and I had the pleasure of working. And Dad is still at the campout, hence half the reason for our sleepover last night. You got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa. They were so excited. You ran errands with them and I think Grandpa sent me like 5 pictures of everything you guys did together. I’m so grateful for our family. We have such a great support system. I hope you know that they love you and would do ANYTHING for you. We are so lucky.

4.29.12 MILESTONE! Your first tooth finally broke through and is officially in! It is the bottom front tooth on the right and the front one next to it is not far behind. I have been amazed at how you have taken teething like a champ. They have been teasing us and moving around since you were about 2 months old but you never really seemed to complain too much. But you have always been like that. Even as a brand new baby with all the pokes and prods you endured you never EVER cried. Okay well just once. BUT ONCE. You are such a good baby.

4.30.12 This may be a bad parenting moment but you LOVE to be thrown up in the air. The higher the better. Now we don’t get too crazy, we are good parents I swear. But you love it.

5.1.12 It’s finally warm enough that I don’t constantly have socks on you precious little feet and for you, it’s a total bonus. It has given you the ability to discover and play with your feet. You love to grab your little toes and bring them close to your face. I  can’t believe how flexible you are.

5.2.12 Today I introduced you to peaches. Oh my goodness. They were such a hit. Your new ALL TIME FAVORITE! I was laughing so hard trying to feed you this afternoon. You were so aggressive and ready for the next bite before I could even get another spoonful. You haven’t rejected any sort of food whatsoever yet and I am hoping it stays that way. But you definitely have a palate for fruits.

5.3.12 I love being able to be home with you. This morning when you were ready for your first nap I decided I needed one too. So we snuggled up right there on the couch together and had us a little siesta. I am so glad you are a snuggler like me.

5.4.12 Happy Friday! After work today my office had staff fun day and we went bowling at Pinz. You must be my good luck  charm because I have never bowled so well in my entire life! I bowled a 126! Heck, my first bowl was a strike! I was elated. Everyone enjoyed having you there and you were getting passed around and loved on the whole time. I love that you are so easy going and relaxed.

5.5.12 Tummy time is getting better. You don’t particularly care for it. So we have been working on it slowly and for small amounts at at time but we are getting better. Dad and I went on a double date tonight with the Firkins so you spent the evening with GMa and GPa Doss.

5.6.12 Baby Makenna was blessed today and naturally we were in attendance. Today was the first Sunday you were pretty restless during church. You weren’t too keen on the idea of having to sit for the hour. Especially after the nap you and Dad took this morning. I hate to say it Bubba but I think you and Kenna are about the same size.

5.7.12 It was quite an eventful Monday. You went to GMas for the day like normal but GPa was there. He was sick. And Grandpa never gets sick. Well, not sick enough to ever complain about, let alone miss work. He even went to the dr. He as has vertigo. Yuck. I can’t decided between him and you who was more bummed about not being able to play today. We had dinner at GMa Mary’s again and we ate our pizza out on the porch. Her backyard is perfect for this. You love to be outside. i just can't wait to combine your love for being outside with water and take you swimming. You are going to love it!

5.8.12 Tuesday... but this Tuesday was a good one. I had to pick you up from daycare early {which was TOTALLY okay by me} and we made an afternoon of it. We ran to the craft store to get supplies for Mother’s Day presents for Grandmas. I am so excited for them! And this evening we went to the Botkins new place for a BBQ. It was so fun to be with the Pences and them again. It has been so long since we all together for a fun night and now that you and Makenna are a little older it makes that much easier.

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