Monday, September 30, 2013

potty training

Call me crazy, but we started potty training at our house. I have a 2 month old, currently on maternity leave, trying to sell our house and keep the house straight with 2 kids 3 kids and potty train a 23 month old. Maybe I am crazy? It's going... okay. I want Dax to be using the big boy potty more than he does. He could care less really. He does however, love to sit on his fancy Cars potty seat complete with "Tow Mater without the 'Ta'" and play on mom's iphone.
 It's great because Dax will be occupied for a good 20 minutes just sitting there while I hope we get lucky and he happens to go during that time. But man, it's not easy on either of us. I set a timer and take the little guy potty every 20 minutes so it's a little hectic to try to have 20 minutes of playtime, 20 minutes on the pot AND watch out for accidents in between there... and all the while taking care of a newborn. It's a handful but he'll get it. I know he can do it. We tend to have quite the little playtime while he sits on his lightening McQueen seat. We do puzzles, play with marbles, read books, oh yeah, I'm sure your jealous.
This is week 2 so fingers crossed!

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