Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Boy Present

So as many of you know, Adam and I are on VERY opposite schedules. I work mornings and Adam works evenings. So the only time we see each other is on my lunch break, when we are sleeping (if that counts) and Saturdays and Sundays. So our only time together is our weekends, and let me tell you we sooooo look forward to them!
So... Yesterday we went on a little shopping spree to good old Lowe's. Adam is now officially a M-A-N. I bought him his very own grilling machine. He got a BBQ! There was a sale going on and so we got one for our little porch at our apartment. And today Adam was super excited to get home from church to cook us some Ballpark Franks- my absolute favorite! He is just so happy because he gets to eat other meat besides chicken and hamburger... that is IF he does the cooking...
Then to add to our little home, we bought a love fern! :) It is soo cute! We just love it! And we also got a little potted plant too... only I have no idea what kinds they are? Oh well, we are adding to our little place and making it ours. Now all we need is a puppy and I am a happy little lady.
Then today I did a little funny. We were making some muddie buddies to deliver to our families when we make our weekly rounds and Adam had it all under control. That is until Jessica tried to step in and help out. I was adding the powdered sugar to the bag of chocolate covered chexes and didn't zip the ziplock bag ALL the way closed... this was the outcome.Here is a picture of our little place. I'll have to take some more soon.

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  1. JESS! you place looks so cute!! im glad you finally posted some pics :) you are adorable!