Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It Takes Two

So Adam and I are parents........... Just kidding :) We WERE parents for 2 adorable little girls this weekend though. So sorry to disappoint you! Meet Hannah and Cate. We love them.These two are practically nieces and their parents went to Las Vegas for the weekend so Adam and I were in charge. I have watched them since they were both just babies and we had SOOOO much fun together. We went to gymnastics, soccer practices, soccer games, Applebees, wedding receptions.... you get the point; we went everywhere. It was a fun packed weekend! Our most fun outing was complete with their cousin Ian, three kites, two dogs and a wagon. Saturday night we went to the park and had just a ball! We flew kites, played tag and even taught a little man to use the great outdoors as his bathroom. But THAT was an accident and a funny story all in itself. Ian is just precious and those of you who know him understand why. Bless his heart, we were at the park and he has to use the restroom. He kept doing the bathroom jig and I kept asking, "Ian, do you have to go potty?" I kept getting the same answer of, "No thank you." Well, several repetitious inquiries later I asked again, "Ian, do you have to go potty?" and got a huge "OKAY!!!!" in return. I told him to run over to Adam for some man-to-man outdoor bathroom assistance and next thing I know I see this cute little boy with his pants around his ankles sitting on the grass going potty. He hadn't quite learned the standing approach and this was no time to coach. I was laughing so hard at how adorable the whole situation was. Adam is ready to be a dad. See for yourself:I am in love with this man. Maybe someday soon he'll have his own kidos to play with.

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  1. SO FUN! haha Me and my hubberz will be babysitting our nieces today! So excited :)