Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday Is A Special Day

Let me just say it. We just love our Saturdays! They are our ONE day of the week to actually get something done TOGETHER! This being the case, they are SLAMMED! I don't know if any of you even remember that one actually NICE Saturday we had awhile back? You know the one with the great weather? I know it was pretty far away but we had to so much fun that day and got quite a bit accomplished. The most exciting news of the day was I think I found the best chocolate shake in Boise. It was at Good Times. Yum! The second most exciting news of the day was we bought sleeping bags and a river raft! But they were steals of a deal. There is a huge liquidation sale going on the old CompUSA building over by Sports Authority that had everything 50% off! So we bought 2 fantastic sleeping bags that I am just dying to use and the tube is not ordinary tube. It is a double-seater with mesh bottoms AND complete with a built in cooler in the middle. We are just a little excited to use it!
We also bought a set for frisbee golf which we discovered we are not very good at. We could definitely use the practice. We played at Ann Morrison downtown with our great friends the Leavitts and completed our outing with ice cream at Goody's downtown- gotta love that place. It reminds me of the candy store in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. :)The craziest thing to happen that day was watching a little old lady run her BRAND NEW, NOT EVEN REGISTERED 2010 Toyota Highlander into a giant concrete barrier... oops. We were at the ATM and heard these loud noises that I thought were gunshots they were so loud. We got to play the rescue team as we helped her get a tow truck. That was interesting.
Then to complete the night I had to watch the Idaho Steelheads hockey game. It would have been a little more excited but due to the fact that we had a score of 0:0 for a large majority of the game was super lame. Then to set off the night in a bang we got beat in the last 20 seconds, bummer.Happy Saturdays :)

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  1. You're actually going to get Adam to camp?!?!